Will The Constitution Die With Antonin Scalia?

Constitutional stalwart Supreme Court Justice ANTONIN SCALIA has died. You understand what this means: Unless Republicans have some testosterone, it's over. The court was absolutely on the border as it was, with libertarian Justice Kennedy swinging with the liberals on same-sex marriage and the supposedly conservative Chief Justice John Roberts inexplicably TWICE upholding the patently unconstitutional federal intrusion upon medicine of Obamacare, the typically misnamed Affordable Care Act.

Roberts and Kennedy are both FAR right compared to ANYONE that Barack Obama will nominate. Do any of you have ANY reason to believe that the current Republicans will forcibly contest Obama's appointee? I see none. Therefore, it does not matter what Congress or a Republican president may do.

The Supreme Court will simply interpret the law any way they like. Hide your guns. Besides the fact that they will rule against them, you will likely need them soon to defend yourselves and your communities against the tyrannical federal government that the American founders warned of.

And now I will just say it: You insane Republicans who support the constitutionally and rationally clueless Donald Trump over the scrupulous champion of The Constitution are the most dreaded threat to what remains of this constitutional republic. I feel like St. Augustine regarding the fall of Rome.

The next president will appoint multiple Supreme Court Justices. Unless Cruz is nominated and elected, the constitutional standard of liberty atop a foundation of fundamental human rights and morality, looks possibly finally dead now. Whatever respectful words he may utter, I assure you, champagne corks are popping among Barack Obama and the forces of leftist destruction of The U.S. Constitution.

And unfortunately, the American people have, if anything, shown less initiative in protecting the American ideal than Washington Republicans. "Make America Great Again?" I hear the death rattle of what made it great in the first place.


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