Governor Rick Perry Ready To Announce?

I just received a phone call from a trusted Conservative In Action, RED FRED letting me know that Governor Rick Perry will make a big announcement this coming Tuesday, June 14. He also told me that Governor Perry has decided to make a run for the presidency. The signs are all there. My interview with Governor Perry in December 2010 included a clue that he definitely was thinking about running. The only question was whether it would be in 2012 or beyond. His former campaign manager, Rob Johnson and Dave Carney, his political strategist, just resigned from the Newt Gingrich campaign staff. So if Perry throws in his hat it should not be a surprise. What is a surprise is the timing of his announcement. I say this simply because the Texas Special Legislative Session is still on fire and he had said that his announcement would be after the Special Session would end. If indeed this announcement is about his candidacy, it can’t help but be a distraction when he needs to focus on what’s happening in TEXAS. So who is pushing him? Besides there is still time between now and Tuesday, and in the political arena so much can happen.

Other conservative presidential hopefuls are Rick Santorum who made his announcement on Monday, June 6 and Michele Bachmann who said she will announce this month in Iowa and Herman Cain an untested politico that has already announced and has attracted many supporters. Governor Perry will add to the growing list of strong conservative candidates to emerge as running for president. The only conservative not yet announcing her presidential run is Sarah Palin. No one can say that the conservatives won’t have a choice. But will this great line up of conservative candidates dilute the primary vote leaving Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee? Sean Hannity of Fox News recently asked my favorite political writer, Ann Coulter, if Chris Christie Governor of New Jersey would not run did that mean she would not support Romney as the Republican nominee…her quick answer was, “I would support Charlie Sheen over Obama.” So that my friends, is how most Republicans will vote!

Republican Governors Association Chairman 2011

Referring to the Republican Governors Association Chairman, Governor Perry told me that, “I am recycled in that job which is a very rare thing”. He continued to tell me that most of the governors only serve in that role one time. Governor Perry served as RGA Chairman in 2008 and he felt that for 2011 “they needed someone who had been around a little bit and I was available so they asked me to serve a second term”. He mentioned that the only other Governor that had served two terms was President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan served as RGA Chairman from 1968 – 1970. I told him that he was in very good company. He replied, “Yea, that’s pretty good company!” Who knows, Governor Perry may one day be President of these United States of America!



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Do you really think another Texas cowboy in the mold of George W. Bush
could or should be elected? How soon we tend to forget the Trans Texas Corridor and Guardasil exploits of Governor Perry!

Since Rick Perry has hinted at the idea of becoming a presidential candidate, I am not all that surprised at his decision. However, Perry has made some pretty shocking, and offensive, comments in public. If this is how he is acting as governor, I'm a little worried at how he would act as president.

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