Joe the Plumber shows brilliance again

One of my best friends is Joe the Plumber, a man made famous for daring to question Liberals’ Baby Black Jesus.

Joe is a friend because he pulls no punches, makes no apologies, but mostly because he DOES WHAT HE SAYS.

Joe is an enigma for sure. A white guy who grew up around blacks, and who was the only white guy in his neighborhood for much of his life. Joe has more black friends than most black people.

Yet, the media has set the narrative that Joe is a corn-fed, inbred racist from Mississippi.

And that’s why Joe is FEASTING! The guy who people believe to be just a “dumb plumber” has figured out the media game, and he is now starting to kick some Liberal butt.

Joe has figured out that he can use the narrative they have set for him to his advantage, and bait those suckers into proving Joe was and continues to be right about “Dear Leader” Barack Obama.

In one life-changing moment Joe exposed Obama for whom he is, and he almost saved America from the torturous march of Liberalism.

The fact is, Joe has proven to be the smart guy at that fateful encounter.

His recent work exposing the failed Liberal agenda and the lack of jobs is a multi-layered “in your FACE” to the Left that makes me proud. Joe takes on the stereotypes of blacks not wanting to work, while exposing simultaneously that OBAMA CAN’T CREATE NO JOBS!


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