Texas State Representative Stefani Carter On Why the 2013 Legislative Session is Important

At an early age, State Rep. Stefani Carters parents let her know that if she wanted to go to college, then she’d need to work to pay for it. She worked hard, saved money and earned a full scholarship to the University of Texas at Austin. Then Stefani Carter, the local girl who had been challenged to make her own waves, earned the chance of a lifetime, to attend Harvard Law School.

In 2010, she was elected as a State Representative for District 102. Stefani Carter is a conservative voice in the State Legislature.

During the first day of the 83rd Texas Legislative Session, which is Representative Carters second term, she was very busy as her family came to see her in the opening ceremonies, but she still made time to give us a brief interview.

Full Transcript of Video:

Adryana Boyne: Hello, we are here with TexasGOPVote and VOCES Action, and I am here with my State Representative Stefani Carter. I was so glad to see you today on the floor as you are taking your second term as state representative. Can you just share with the people of Texas, Representative Carter, what you are looking forward to for this upcoming session in Texas?

Stefani Carter: This session is very important for a number of reasons. We have to work on education and education funding to make sure our kids are cared for. Second, I think health care is going to be on the table again, and I think we need to meet the needs of our state. Third, we have transportation and infrastructure issues, those are important. Water, we heard the Speaker speak today about water. We have to fund our water plant to some extent. We have to do more than weve done before. Transparency is also important for all of us and making sure that we end diversions and move the state in the right direction.

Adryana Boyne: Well thank you Representative Carter, and I am also very honored that you gave us this interview today. Well look forward to having more time with you during the session, and certainly, Im very grateful because you represent my district and were very glad that youre with us.

Stefani Carter: We love you.

Adryana Boyne: Thank you very much, God bless you.

Stefani Carter: God bless you.



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