Harris County Republican Party says STOPProp1

Harris County Republican PartyThe Republican Party of Harris County has joined with StopPROP1 and urges all Houston voters to go to the bottom of the ballot and vote AGAINST Proposition 1.

HCRP Chairman Jared WoodfillHCRP Chairman, Jared Woodfill today said, "Mayor Parker has decided to take a play from the Obama, Reid, Pelosi playbook, increase taxes in a recession. In a challenging economy, Mayor Parker and a majority of City Council passed an ordinance this year increasing residential water rates by 40% over the next three years. This resulted in Houston residents having one of the highest water and sewer rates in the country. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for our "big government" Mayor. In an attempt to take more of our money, Proposition 1 was placed on the ballot with a goal of collecting as much as $300 to $400 million dollars annually in drainage fees and property tax debt transfers from the City's General Fund."

Woodfill continued; "You would think Mayor Parker would have learned from the missteps of former Houston Mayor Lee P. Brown who tried to pass a similar "Rain Tax" in 2003. Many of the same 40,000 Houston citizens who signed the "No Rain Tax" Petition in 2003 are part of the grass-roots army fighting to stop Proposition 1. It is clear that Mayor Parker doesn't have her finger on the pulse of the community. The last thing we need is another tax. I encourage you to vote no on Proposition 1."

In September, the HCRP passed a resolution in opposition to Proposition 1.  Here is a copy of that HCRP Resolution.





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I am happy to have voted NO on Proposition 1.
Proposition 1 is nothing but a tax increase.  
Yes, proponents claim that all money must be used for street and drainage projects.   However, what will prevent city government from using regular tax revenue currently allocated for street and drainage projects being shifted to other pet projects? (Remember free internet access in the public libraries) 
I saw nothing on the ballot that City government would be required to maintain regular tax revenue contributions to street and drainage projects at a rate no less than current percentage of the overall city budget and that this new fund would be a supplement to regular spending.
Think before your vote,,, elected politicians need to know that they have not earned trust when it comes to fiscal responsibility. 


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