Letter to Chairman Smith Regarding Sensible Immigration Reform

The Honorable Lamar Smith
U. S. House of Representatives
2409 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515 and 1100 N.E. Loop 410, Suite 640
San Antonio, TX 78209

Dear Mr. Smith:

We appreciate your 24 years of dedicated Congressional service. As Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, you are in a position to solve our immigration dilemma.

No American should oppose securing our borders. However, focusing solely on enforcement is not in the best interests of the United States, Texas, or the Republican Party. We have been telling hardworking people who have been here for years that we want them to comply with the law, and yet we have provided them no legal process. We have no viable temporary worker program for most jobs. The H-2B program is limited numerically and is seasonal. We have an annual quota of only 5,000 for unskilled workers who beg to do the jobs that most Americans are not willing to do.

Why set a limit of 5,000 per year? How many of us have been guilty of saying we do not object to immigrants, but we simply want them to comply with the law? For the 12 to 15 million that are here, compliance is impossible! Current law requires them to return to their country of origin, wait 10 years, and then apply for re-entry! No reasonable person is going to take the chance they will not be allowed to return for 10 to 15 years!

Why not expand your E-Verify bill? Give employers an incentive to sign up for mandatory E-Verify by expanding your bill to include mandatory criminal background checks and work permits for undocumented workers that have no criminal record. Allow workers (to whom we issue permits) to work only for employers that deduct and match taxes!

Finally, why push mandatory E-Verify by itself? Is it really in the interest of Texas and America to force millions of individuals into the underground economy where they no longer pay taxes and have workers compensation? We only need to look to Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama. These are states that passed enforcement-only laws. As test tube models they are proving U. S. workers for the most part are not filling the jobs vacated by illegal immigrants. Arizona has been at it the longest, and the economic results are a disaster! That is why Republican Senator Russell Pearce was recently booted out in a recall election!

Congressman Smith, we hope that you will consider a balanced approach rather than enforcement only. The evidence is clear, enforcement-only laws worsen the situation. You are in a position to be a leader and do something that can solve the problem!

We believe sensible immigration reform is imperative for Texas and for America. If we Republicans want to rid this country of Obama and his cronies, we cannot be perceived by Hispanics as the party that wants to deport their grandmother!

Congressman, would you be willing to meet with us to discuss this issue?

With much appreciation for your consideration of our request, we are

Sincerely yours,

Norman E. Adams
Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy 

Steven F. Hotze, M.D.  
Conservative Republicans of Texas



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The updated progress of MANDATORY E-Verify will save millions of American Workers jobs. Gingrich ultimatum would offer illegal aliens already here, their employment as businesses will hire them.


Yet a new sponsor, Charlie Bass has joined in introducing ‘THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT' is rising, and now only needs 31 out of 100 requiring for sponsorship for its introduction to the House floor. This would have exceptional ramifications for the ailing job market, in rejecting illegal aliens and replacing them with citizens and legal diverse workers.  The numbers of politicians enthusiastic of passing 'THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT' is rising, and now only needs 32 more of sponsors for its introduction to the House floor. This would have exceptional ramifications for the ailing job market, in rejecting illegal aliens and replacing them with citizens and legal decisive workers. This is not a pogrom against any race or nationality; it’s not a witch hunt to stop Blacks, Hispanics, Europeans, and Pacific Islanders, Asian or other persons. It’s about keeping to the law, the 'Rule of Law' like aiding and abetting millions of illegal alien from every hemisphere across the world.


It's about corruption in Washington from both parties to hire cheap labor and exploit it; it’s also about millions of votes in future years, to undermine fair and equal electoral laws. You have seen the outcome after the original amnesty of rampant fraud by business owners, who will be held liable for not implementing form I-9 and not running a electronic E-Verify process. E-Verify will become--MANDATORY--for every business and if not complying face harsh penalties. Hundreds of thousands at the Mandatory E-Verify enactment would promote rapid self-deportation, adding more jobs for Americans. Ice raids have shown in large companies, illegal migrants and immigrants fleeing and making room for different racial backgrounds lining up for those jobs.


Former Speaker Newt Gingrich would have American taxpayers keep supporting the millions still unlawfully in this country? The question to ask yourself, they already committed an offense against our laws by crossing the borders or being an over-stay visa. Then to obtain a job in the U.S. other than criminal businesses not bothering to verify their hired work verification, they had to use fraudulent Social Security cards, drivers licenses, birth certificates or some other form of ID—isn’t this a FELONY by definition? THEN WHY IS IT NOT A FELONY? IF YOU STOLE SOMEBODIES ID OR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AND GOT CAUGHT, YOU WOULD BE IN JAIL. Study Says Gingrich Amnesty Bigger Than '86 Blanket Amnesty -- Gingrich Seems to Reject 'Attrition through Enforcement', that qualifies as mass amnesty.

The most recent polling finds that Republican voters have elevated Newt Gingrich to presidential frontrunner status.    But it is difficult to believe that those supporting him agree with his amnesty plan, or are even aware that his proposal sounds like it would give jobs to around 3.5 million illegal aliens (according to a new Pew Hispanic Center study). Hopefully, Gingrich supporters can persuade him to at least cut 90% out of that.  


Farmers and those giant agricultural factories, who hire illegal alien workers, pay nothing for the children’s schooling or families’ health care. YOU DO!



Rep. Charlie Bass (R-NH) is the latest cosponsored of House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885). The bill would require 100% of businesses to begin using E-Verify for all new hires within 2 years and require all federal, state, and local governments to check new hires and existing employees within 6 months to name a few statuary laws. Although hundreds of companies now are using the E-Verification hiring process, it must be made permanent. Currently it needs heavy action by all patriotic Americans. This can be done by the voter contacting Washington 202-224-3121 and giving your name, address to the aid and insisting your representative in the Senate-House uphold the law and co-sponsor H.R. 2885.




E-Verify will also be beneficial in National Security?  Don't hesitate! Perform it now, as not only are thousands of jobs vanishing overseas, because of the stalemate in Congress, but people are still crossing borders or staying after their visa is expired. Don't be fooled by the lies from the Leftists, who are concentrating with their lies that moderates are seeking all ethnic majorities be deported. Don't listen to their lies that illegal aliens pay for their own financial support, that the majority pay taxes. Most states are in a terrible mess, specifically Sanctuary states like California, Nevada and flooded with foreigners, feeding of the crippled welfare system.

Rep. Bass represents New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District. Rep. Bass is serving his first term in Congress, and this is the first immigration-reduction bill that he's co-sponsored. Pregnant Mothers from other countries in numbers unsustainable of 300 thousand annually, which taxpayers are forced to outlay. NumbersUSA website—is another way to communicate your demand for following the 1986 Immigration laws, be obliged to be held accountable for illegal hiring. Only the TEA PARTY, the American people of all party denominations, from every walk of life, wants an end to this growing deficit crisis. Illegal Immigration is fiscally hurting Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina, Utah, Indiana and all the rest of the 50 states, which are being drained in billions of dollars in federal non-funded mandates. Unless millions of patriotic Americans start communicating their fears, the worst is just across the horizon. We must build the--REAL--double fencing across the lower United States. We must enact the MANDATORY 'Legal Workforce Act" Now.


I hear there is a reduction of illegal aliens entering illegally, but what about the real estimate of 20 million plus already squatting here. They say it costs 120 million dollars to capture illegal aliens, so have we already the cost to states and the federal government revenue payout to subsidize illegal immigrants? How about a nice round figure of 100 Billion dollars? Most don’t pay taxes; those who come here quickly find a way to screw the welfare safety net. The most expensive portion of the social welfare system is Mothers with babies, known by the term ‘Anchor Babies’ or ‘Foothold Babies’ who immediately get public aid and states carry the costs. Then add to that issue the stupid IRS returns 4.2 Billion dollars in tax credits for their children and never paid a darn cent into the public coffers. The feds just look the other way and this divided country is going bankrupt.  It is a very clever, intentional act to smuggle a unborn baby into America by jet or through the mostly under-guarded regions of the border.


What’s going on behind your back, can by Googling ‘the American Patrol’ website. Read the articles that affect our nation daily, from the headlines. Be educated and learn about the corruption in Washington and the illegal alien occupation. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE?


Shootouts, rampant smuggling activity escalating in RGV   
Mexican organized crime cartels' smuggling of drugs and the illegal entry of "Special Interest Aliens" (SIAs) who may pose a threat to national security into the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) in Texas has risen so quickly that US Border Patrol and law enforcement officials now refer to the "Valley" as “the new Arizona," Homeland Security Today has learned. -- While drug and human smuggling in Arizona continues...

Mike Brownfield -- Heritage Foundation  
Illegal aliens, in-state tuition and the law   
Consider it an illegal fringe benefit for illegal [aliens]. Today, 12 states allow individuals who are in the United States illegally to pay the same in-state tuition rates as legal residents of the state without providing the same rates to others in the country who are here legally. And those states are doing it in direct contravention of federal law...

Federale -- VDare.com    
Obama Regime will accept and support the California amnesty 
Be Very Afraid. The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty has hit the States and California is stepping up to the plate. While some like Brenda Walker at VDare think that California is just trying to get the amnesty in before Obama is removed, it is more likely that this State amnesty is part of the Obama Regime Amnesty. -- The clue is that just as the Regime is implementing the DREAM Act, a piece of legislation...

Washington Examiner   
Report: Obama, UN to tax U.S. for "Green Climate Fund"   
President Obama's team of negotiators at the United Nations Climate Change Conference may agree to a tax on foreign currency transactions, designed to pay for a "Green Climate Fund," that would fall disproportionately on American travelers and businesses, according to a group attending the conference that is skeptical of the UN position on global warming...

Remember—Illegal aliens will be voting, unless we have state laws that introduce picture ID.

Mr. Francis,

It gives me hope to see someone who sees the reality of what is happening in our country. I'm 59 years old and the changes I've seen in the last 20 years scares the hell out of me! You have hit the nail on the head and if we, Americans, dont pay attention and get involved, America, as we know her will no longer exist. America is facing its greatest threat since WW2. Perhaps our current threat is even greater then those presented by Hitler. I say this because people were aware of his horrifice actions, while our leaders seem blind to the threats we are facing now. Just because the people invading our country now aren't carrying guns and shooting there way in doesn't make them any less of a threat! In fact it makes them all the more dangerous! There numbers are growing faster then any segment of Americans and according to the official reports they will be the largesst percentage of people in our country by 2045! I believe we are much closer to the loss of our country and its beliefs then that. I fear if more people like you don't step up we will lose America and what Americans have stood for within the next ten years.

I salute you and I will continue to write letters, present facts and try and provoke discussions regarding these very real threats to our great nation.

With Respect,

Jim Cox

Do we need Immigration Reform?

January 2008 began the E-verify Law, the I.C.E. Deportation program, and most importantly, the "Worst Recession in U.S. History."

This is no coincidence.

Tens of thousands of vacated Immigrants dwellings triggered/caused the "Foreclosure Crisis".

I know because my Home Town of Mesa Az. has been dubbed "The Epicenter of Foreclosures in America".

President Obama visited Mesa Az, shortly after becoming President because of our extremely high rate of Foreclosures.

Mesa is in Maricopa County Az. which has the highest rate of vacated homes in the entire Nation, nearly a half million homes are vacated since the January 2008 Deportations began.

These massive numbers of vacated Homes have left entire States such as Arizona, California, Florida, ect, instantly Overbuilt, which completly halted all private sector Construction/Growth.
This caused millions of Americans to lose their Construction related jobs, and left these States with large excesses of Total Government Services, and matching Budget Shortffalls.

Fact is, for every good, hard working Immigrant Deported since January 2008 America has lost over four times as many American jobs.

Every Stimulus Package, Bail Out, Cash for Clunkers, Jobs Bill, Mortgage Help Program, ect. has occured since January 2008 by two Presidents now, and has only been "Treating the Symptoms" of the Deportation Damage to America's Economy.

The Hard Labor Immigrants gladly did for America was the very Foundation of our once Strong Economy, and this Hard Labor supported all other American jobs.

"America is great because it is good, when it ceases to be good, it ceases to be great."
Alex De Tocqueville

Over Five thousand legal Hispanic Citizen Children are now in Foster Care with Deported Parents.

Over Forty-two thousand Hispanic's now lay dead at the Harsh U.S. Mexico Border where I.C.E. has Deported hundreds of thousands right into the middle of a known "Drug War" with nothing, not even water, to be killed, or to die of exposure.

We must remember the Values, and Principles of Good, and Brotherhood that Built our Great Nation of Immigrants, documented or not.

To: Liberty

David Nichols
Gilbert AZ.

Some opponents of legalization argue that just like after the 1986 amnesty, there will be a new wave of illegal immigration if we legalize those who are here. That is a valid concern and here is the solution:

Broad legalization should be combined with mandatory E-verify plus a biometric social security card, which would impede identity theft. This would turn off the jobs magnet and the attempted illegal border crossings, which are already at a forty year low, would decrease even further.

Adams mentioned the Hispanic vote, and yes, Romney, if nominated, will probably get no more than 25% of the Hispanic/immigrant vote after declaring that he opposes legalization, which many strategists say will make Obama's reelection a near certainty. However, farmers and other business leaders are also fed up with the status quo. For instance, farmers in Alabama say that they regret voting for the Republicans whose immigration policy has destroyed the livelihood of many farmers and other business owners who lost workers and business when the illegal immigrants fled the state.


You are spot on. What has transpired in Arizona, Georgia and Alabama speaks for itself. Moreover, Obama's mass deportations and mass I-9 company immigration audits have left thousands of immigrant families without breadwinners. As a result, rent and mortgage payments have come to a halt and the demand for goods and services has decreased.

Also, businesses have had to fire trained, valued employees which has been costly and disruptive and as we have seen in Georgia and Alabama, in many cases it has not been possible to find American workers to replace the illegal workers who fled or were deported, which has been a catastrophy, especially for farmers.


Maybe you already read it, but if not, here is a very interesting article from the WSJ on the imperative of immigration reform from a business standpoint.



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