Norman Adams

I don't take a back seat to anyone on supporting our Second Amendment right to bear arms! I have a Texas License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) and frequently exercise my right to bear arms pretty much everywhere I go.
US capitol
The House of Representatives just passed two sensible immigration bills!
Although the 2020 elections did not turn out the way many of us hoped, let’s all stay positive. Most of us have a lot to be thankful for!President Trump did an outstanding job as our leader for four years. We should thank...
Election integrity should be one of the most important issues on everyone’s (Republicans AND Democrats) mind right now. What people DO NOT KNOW is that we already have the tools to better secure our elections from fraudulent...
Donald Trump voter integrity conf
President Trump is fighting for the survival of America. Its existence is dependent on the integrity of our elections.
magnifying glass
Update: Trump Lawyers held a  press conference Nov. 19 on the evidence of voter fraud.---
Antifa protest
The Democratic Party of today is not the party of John F. Kennedy.Defunding the police? Really?It’s already happening in over 13 Democrat-controlled cities.Day one executive orders to ensure the U.S. achieves a 100% clean...
Texas Reloaded candidates
Dan Crenshaw is putting together a winning team!  He needs our help. Texas Reloaded​ is a joint fundraising effort for six outstanding candidates for the US House of Representatives.  The Democratic Party I grew up with no...
Back the Blue Pledge
In August, Austin City Council voted to defund their police department by $21 million and “shift” $129 million in police spending to other city departments.
“They” say the number one rule in business is don’t talk politics. If you have been on my email list even for a short time, you know that is not a rule I usually follow.But I will just this one time. I am not going to...
My wife of 56 years and I were fortunate enough to attend Our S
empty shelves Houston Home depot plumbing
It is unacceptable that Texas’ power grid could not handle last week’s winter storm. Now, as a result of last week’s power outages and freezing temperatures, Texans are experiencing a plumbing supply crisis!
Happy Birthday Jesus!Christians take this time to express our gratitude to God for giving us His only son to redeem us, and to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.
Doris Miller
Seventy-nine years ago today, Japan launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor resulting in the loss of 2,403 American lives. The next day the United States declared war against Japan, leading to the official beginning of US...
Mayflower Compact
I have to give Rush Limbaugh credit for “the rest of the story” of Thanksgiving on his show. It is a story about the failure of socialism and the successes of capitalism!
American flag
Today is election day. If you haven’t voted already, don’t miss your last chance to exercise your right!If you haven’t figured out who you’re voting for yet and want my advice, start with Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence...
Texas Reloaded candidates
Please turn your volume up and watch this video:Dan Crenshaw has put together a winning team! But he needs our help to get them elected! Texas Reloaded is a joint fundraising effort for six outstanding candidates for the US...
Stacia Brightmon RNC
The American dream is alive and well in the Houston construction industry, as evidenced by the inspiring story of Stacia Brightmon, a single mother of two boys in Houston who is now working for S&B Engineers and...
september 11
God bless America and the men and women of our first responders and our armed forces who keep us safe!Watch the video below:Courtesy of Norman Adams.
Norman Adams Charles Foster
President Trump’s Acting Secretary of DHS Chad Wolf recently issued a new memorandum concerning DHS’ handling of DACA.



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