Norman Adams

Bush Naturalization Center
Former President George W. Bush called for sensible immigration reform during a naturalization ceremony at The George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas this week.
TXSIP has signed the Texas Compact on Immigration to join more than 65 Texas business leaders and organizations
 I urge you to work together and pass a sensible immigration bill that secures the border and provides the Dreamers with a method to earn their legal status before February 15th. 
Last night President Trump addressed the nation to highlight the need for greater border security at our southern border.
Happy Thanksgiving!God continues to bless America! We have so much to be thankful for!I want to congratulate our new Texas lawmakers for the 116th Congress.
President Trump said he wants immigrants coming into our country to help fill open jobs, but he wants them coming legally!“With what we’ve done, we’ve become so successful that we need people to come in…we want great people...
A few years ago, I produced this 9/11 remembrance as reminder about that day.  It brings back a flood of memories, but I believe it is important to remember, despite the pain.God bless America and and the men and women of...
On Wednesday in Brownsville TX, Federal Judge Andrew Hanen heard arguments on whether or not he should end DACA. Although he has not issued a ruling yet, he could at any time.
Instead of opposing DACA, Texas should follow President Trump’s lead in calling for legislation to allow the 800,000 DACA recipients and the one million additional eligible “Dreamers” who are currently living in the shadows...
I am appealing to every business owner in Texas. I am also sending this to Rep. Ted Poe, and Senators Ted Cruz, John Cornyn;Please send a similar email, fax, phone call to your Representative, and to both Senators.
Workforce Advisory Board
The business, education, government, and nonprofit leaders of the president's American Workforce Policy Advisory Board met this past week for the first time
donald trump rose garden
A few hours ago, President Trump signed a funding package that was passed by both chambers of Congress to avert another government shutdown.
Friday, President Trump announced he would sign a bill to reopen shuttered government departments for three weeks, until February 15th.
Stop the Fake News About Immigrants!The Center for Immigration Studies wants us to think they are conservative.Give me a break!
workforce shortage
Remember when President Obama told us 9.6% unemployment was the “new normal?” It’s now at 3.7%!
billboard sign need construction workers to hire
It should be clear to everyone, because of the efforts of President Trump and our Republican lawmakers, Americans are now paying less in taxes. As promised, President Trump is bringing jobs back to America. He is removing...
Our lawmakers talk a lot about our broken immigration system these days, but they have not been productive in fixing it. The latest liberal talking point is to call for abolishing ICE.
Recently, President Donald Trump said he would be willing to shut the government down if Congress does not pass immigration reform, tweeting, “A Government Shutdown is a very small price to pay for a safe and Prosperous...
construction worker
Six and a half months after the passage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, Americans are paying less in taxes, companies are bringing back earnings from overseas and reinvesting in America, workers are getting raises and...
If you agree with me that Congress needs to do its job and fix our broken immigration system, join me in sending this letter to your senators and representatives. Also send it to every Texas business owner you know, and urge...



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