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Antifa protest
The Democratic Party of today is not the party of John F. Kennedy.Defunding the police? Really?It’s already happening in over 13 Democrat-controlled cities.Day one executive orders to ensure the U.S. achieves a 100% clean...
Texas Reloaded candidates
Dan Crenshaw is putting together a winning team!  He needs our help. Texas Reloaded​ is a joint fundraising effort for six outstanding candidates for the US House of Representatives.  The Democratic Party I grew up with no...
Back the Blue Pledge
In August, Austin City Council voted to defund their police department by $21 million and “shift” $129 million in police spending to other city departments.
“They” say the number one rule in business is don’t talk politics. If you have been on my email list even for a short time, you know that is not a rule I usually follow.But I will just this one time. I am not going to...
handout money
One of my favorite clients is asking me to urge lawmakers not to extend the $600 weekly federal unemployment bonus. 
txsip logo
TxSIP’s sensible immigration solution was included as reference in the Texans For Economic Growth’s Federal Priorities for 2020-2021.Here is our stance, we call it ID and Tax:
Supreme Court
The US Supreme Court decided to allow DACA and the temporary conditional legal status it provides to 700,000 DACA recipients to continue. I have always said that even though DACA was a decision for Congress, it was one good...
contact tracing
In this week’s chapter of 1984, the government wants to track everywhere you go and everyone you meet in an effort to control COVID-19! What could possibly go wrong?
norman adams KSEV radio
It was a pleasure to join The Amigos on KSEV 700 AM last Friday evening to discuss my lawsuit challenging Governor Abbott’s unconstitutional executive shutdown.
Norman Adams Houston News
I am one of hundreds and soon to be thousands of plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Governor Greg Abbott.
Texas Reloaded candidates
Please turn your volume up and watch this video:Dan Crenshaw has put together a winning team! But he needs our help to get them elected! Texas Reloaded is a joint fundraising effort for six outstanding candidates for the US...
Stacia Brightmon RNC
The American dream is alive and well in the Houston construction industry, as evidenced by the inspiring story of Stacia Brightmon, a single mother of two boys in Houston who is now working for S&B Engineers and...
september 11
God bless America and the men and women of our first responders and our armed forces who keep us safe!Watch the video below:Courtesy of Norman Adams.
Norman Adams Charles Foster
President Trump’s Acting Secretary of DHS Chad Wolf recently issued a new memorandum concerning DHS’ handling of DACA.
Trump signing order
Dear President Donald J. Trump,You have delivered on so many promises including the border, completing 222 miles and paving the way for the rest of it.  Please continue appointing good judges and draining the swamp. 
"Customer" is really not the right word to describe Fred Yaggi. The Yaggi family has been so much more to Adams Insurance for the 40 plus years Norman and our team has been hunting and keeping up with Fred's activities and...
Texas Supreme Court
We have hundreds of plaintiffs that agree: Governor Abbott’s COVID-19 “shutdown” orders are unconstitutional.
ID and tax
In April, President Trump issued a proclamation suspending most methods of legal immigration.
The lockdowns imposed on us by our state, county, and city officials are unconstitutional.  They have caused more harm to our state than the actual virus they were supposed to protect us from. It’s time to reopen.Some people...
houston roads
I certainly felt blessed when Governor Abbott deemed insurance an essential industry in his March 31st executive order. Thankfully, our construction clients were deemed essential as well.



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