Locally And Nationally, Powerful Voices Seek A Solution For Dreamers

National Immigration Forum - Military veterans, law enforcement leaders, evangelical pastors, Christian Dreamers, business leaders and the president of the nation’s fifth largest university: These are among the prominent figures who are urging Congress to pass a solution for Dreamers while also strengthening our security.

“Support is deep for a bipartisan solution that protects Dreamers and our border,” said Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum. “President Trump, Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan have a solution at their fingertips. Americans are anxious for Congress to move on it.”

On Thursday, University of Florida President Kent Fuchs, Volusia County Sheriff Michael J. Chitwood and Tallahassee Pastor Dean Inserra spoke about the importance of a solution in their respective communities. “Our undocumented students are some of our best,” said Fuchs, who penned an op-ed together with a Dreamer in January.

In Wisconsin on Tuesday, speakers included Milwaukee evangelical Pastor Matt Erickson, Appleton Police Chief Todd Thomas and Green Bay nonprofit leader Sister Melanie Maczka. And last Friday, prominent Florida business leaders including GOP donor Mike Fernandez sounded similar themes.

Also this week:

  • In a letter to congressional leaders, as well as in an op-ed and on a press call, military veterans argued that a solution that allows Dreamers to enlist would help address the military’s recruitment challenges by creating a pool of “highly qualified recruits.”
  • Christian Dreamers appealed to the president to speak of them as “made in the image of God, with dignity and respect.”
  • Evangelical leaders issued a statement following the release of the White House immigration framework, saying they were encouraged that it would help Congress move toward bipartisan legislation but raising several concerns.
  • As the conversation around possible changes to legal immigration developed, the National Immigration Forum published a fact sheet on family immigration.

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