Texas Will Lead And Unite The Nation In Immigration

‘Taking Back our Country’ was the theme of our Texas State Convention and the delegates certainly indicated that that is exactly what we plan to do in November. The convention has come and gone and so much happened that my head is spinning and my feet are still hurting. There is so much to share concerning the convention so I will do it in several articles. We are now beginning to plan for the National Convention that is scheduled for August 27 – 31 in Tampa Bay, Florida.

On Friday, June 8, the 6,000 delegates on hand voted to re-elect Steve Munisteri of Houston as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, and Melinda Fredricks of Conroe as Vice-Chairman. According to Munisteri, he accomplished all the promises that he made when elected in 2010. Basically the Republican Party of Texas is financially stable and has grown in the past two years. He was almost reelected by acclamation except for ONE nay. The ONE nay was to keep him from getting the ‘big head’. It will also remind him to do the same excellent job in the next two years as the last two years. Munisteri has a great sense of humor! Fredricks proved to be an asset to the Republican Party and she was also reelected for a second term. Congratulations to these great Republican patriots!

Many emails have crossed between Chris Elam, Republican Party of Texas Communications Director and myself on media matters. I was pleasantly surprised to see him walk on stage and sing. It was really moving to hear his voice bellow out the words of our National Anthem. Thank you Chris!

Texans can be very proud of the Republican Party of Texas 2012 Platform that was passed, especially the section on immigration, page 21. This was a concentrated effort by many who wanted to see Texas and America move forward on an issue that has been so divisive and controversial. The draft of the platform was released to the delegates prior to the meeting on Friday night, giving them ample time to read and digest the proposed platform. The discussion on the platform began at 9:00pm and continued until about 11:30pm.


The Texas Solution – Because of decades-long failure of the federal government to secure our borders and address the immigration issue, there are now upwards of 11 million undocumented individuals in the United States today, each of whom entered and remain here under different circumstances. Mass deportation of these individuals would neither be equitable nor practical; while blanket amnesty, as occurred with the Simpson-Mazzoli Act of 1986, would only encourage future violations of the law. We seek common ground to develop and advance a conservative, market- and law-based approach to our nation’s immigration issues by following these principles:

  1. Secure Our Borders – The U.S. Border must be secured immediately! We demand the application of effective, practical and reasonable measures to secure our borders and to bring safety and security for all Americans along the border and throughout the nation.
  2. Modernize the United States Social Security Card – We support the improvement of our 1936 Social Security card to use contemporary anti-counterfeit technology. The social security card will not be considered a National ID card for U.S. citizens.
  3. Birthright Citizenship – We call on the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of the United States to clarify Section 1 of the 14th amendment to limit citizenship by birth to those born to a citizen of the United States with no exceptions.
  4. Create an Effective and Efficient Temporary Worker Program – A national Temporary Worker Program should be implemented to bring skilled and unskilled workers into the United States for temporary periods of time when no U.S. workers are currently available. The program should also require: 
  • Self-funding through participation fees and fines;
  • Applicants must pass a full criminal background check;
  • Applicants with prior immigration violations would only qualify for the program if they paid the appropriate fines;
  • Applicants and/or Employers must prove that they can afford and/or secure private health insurance;
  • Applicants must waive any and all rights to apply for financial assistance from any public entitlement programs;
  • Applicant must show a proficiency in the English language and complete an American civic class; 
  • Temporary Workers would only be able to work for employers that deduct and match payroll taxes; 
  • All participants would be issued an individual Temporary-Worker Biometric Identification Card that tracks all address changes and both civil and criminal court appearances as a defendant.


Conservative bloggers are proving to be a strong force in public opinion, especially if they are accurate, passionate and consistent. Imagine my surprise when I found this email in my box. John Stautner, publisher of TexasGOPVote, sent me his comments on the Texas Platform that was just passed by the Texas delegates at the convention. It is not often that John sends out accolades so I am very appreciative. I am including Norman Adams as a TGOPV blogger and strong immigration advocate that deserves much of the credit for the Texas Solution. Adams has worked relentlessly in finding an answer to the immigration crisis.

How soon do you think the Socialists will blame Texas for ‘taking over their idea’? After all, the Socialists want the immigrants only for the purpose of their vote. The Republicans want a solution that will be equitable to both Americans and the immigrants. Solutions are always best over negative rhetoric.

NOTE from John Stautner – TexasGOPVote http://www.texasgopvote.com/

* Bob Price has been instrumental in consistently and tirelessly educating conservatives on the complexities, subtleties and importance of this issue and how it relates to other issues (like sovereignty and border security) and bringing it to the forefront of open discussion through his interviews, blog posts and advocacy over the last two years on TexasGOPVote.com. Let's support Bob as he continues to develop national recognition not only as an immigration and border security expert but also as a political commentator on many issues of importance.

* Adryana Boyne has been dedicated and loyal and tireless in expanding TexasGOPVote's blogger participation, readership reach and sponsorship. She conducted the historic Hispanic Republican Conference interview series of 21 interviews for TGV during the legislative session that did much to further the education of all legislators on this issue. She deserves our support in all her political endeavors.

* Sonja Harris, often behind the scenes, has advocated for sensible solutions and for Hispanic inclusion in conservative politics and has also contributed nationally recognized content on TexasGOPVote. She is a tireless advocate for conservatives and is one of the thought leaders who understand the importance of Republican leadership in achieving a sensible solution to immigration policy.

There are many other bloggers who have contributed that we need to remember too and we will have stories coming up about their work. Linda Vega and Tom Donelson come to mind, among others we should recognize for their work. We will hear more from and about all these fine individuals who have contributed to the educational process and advocacy that TexasGOPVote has been able to deliver.


Texas GOP Oks more-lenient immigration platform
FORT WORTH, TEXAS — The Texas Republican Convention has approved a party platform on immigration conceding that mass deportation of illegal immigrants isn't practical and calling for "common ground" to develop more-realistic strategies.

Many of the more than 6,000 delegates assembled in Fort Worth had objected to the platform, complaining it was "ambiguous at best, liberal at worst."

But supporters said the language allows Texas to lead the nation on immigration solutions, rather than simply listing problems generated by it.

The platform sanctions a national temporary worker program to bring foreigners to America when jobs are available.

A series of motions to replace the proposed platform with the state GOP's more-traditional, hard line stances against illegal immigration all failed late Friday night.

After that, the full platform was voted on and approved with little objection.


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While this sounds like a wonderful solution to the illegals problem it doesn't say how you are going to get Washington to enforce it. That has been the problem for all these years. Words are great but no action will erase all the good intention you have. How do you plan for the Congress and Senate to enact this plan. The laws were written many years ago and Washington has never acted on them. Just saying what you want done isn't going to get you re-elected.&nbsp;We need you to stand up to Wasington and get the job done. Action not words is what Texas and America needs.<BR>


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