Tragic Dysfunction: America’s Broken Immigration Policy and the Need for Action

During a recent panel called Tragic Dysfunction: America’s Broken Immigration Policy and the Need for Action set by the Texas for Public Policy Foundation Policy Orientation, I felt the need to confront controversial Mark Krikorian from Center for Immigration Studies. The panel also included Ali Noorani, Executive Director from the National Immigration Forum, and was moderated by former US congressman John Hostettler.

The Center for Immigration Studies has continued mastering penetrating the conservative circles of Texas and other places to place their population control ideas under the mask of “America First,” hiding the true agenda of population control and anti-immigrant rhetoric. Most people in the United States are pro national security and have respect for the rule of law, but the Center for Immigration Studies is part of a network founded by John Tanton, founder of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Tanton created CIS to “build the intellectual basis for immigration law reform,” producing many research papers and other writings about population control. They criticize mainstream environmental organizations for not doing enough about population growth. You can watch the part in the panel here where I ask my question to Krikorian at 54:50:

Many people have written about Mark Krikorian and his organization, so to be honest I could not do a better job than what they have done. Therefore, I will leave you with two great articles from people who have researched and written about this subject.

One of the people who has written a great article with regard to this issue is Mario Lopez, President of The Hispanic Leadership Fund. A few years ago, his excellent article in the Human Life Review opened the eyes of hundreds of conservative people. The title is Hijacking Immigration. Please click on the link and READ it before making conclusions. 

It discusses the history of how this organization and the others in the Tanton Network were formed and all the Machiavellian strategies used, specifically fabricated to distract true conservatives, pro-life people, and legislators. Tanton and his board of white supremacists decided to create a separate organization from FAIR.

In the article you can read all about these organizations and Tanton himself:

“Tanton’s own writings to donors and others contradict Krikorian’s statement. As noted earlier, Tanton told Cordelia Scaife in a letter that “For credibility this will need to be independent of FAIR, though the Center for Immigration Studies, as we’re calling it, is starting off as a project of FAIR.” 

CIS’s supposed independence from FAIR was a facade. Tanton was intimately involved with its founding and guided its positions from the start. As late as 1994, Tanton’s front group U.S. Inc continued to funnel money to CIS. Tanton arranged a lot more than a first grant for CIS—he created it, funded it, and provided its ideology.

Recently Lopez wrote in The Resurgent an article called To Cement Pro-Life Wins, Trump Should Reject Extremist Population Control Groups, where he again reminded us with urgency that “All of these groups were founded and funded by John Tanton, a man actively involved with Planned Parenthood and zero population growth (he served as national president of the latter for two years). Tanton’s objective was to advance the radically authoritarian, and Planned Parenthood-esque, goal of population control.”

The importance in pointing this out to conservatives is vital. We shouldn’t be quiet, and this is one of the reasons I took the opportunity to confront Mr. Krikorian. Frankly, it was an uncomfortable moment for me, but I decided I must do it.

Another couple of articles from this site were written by Bob Price who now works for Breitbart as an Assistant Editor for Breitbart Texas Anti-Immigration Groups Founded and Backed by Radical Environmentalists and Population Control Activists and John Tanton Networks like FAIR, Numbers USA and CIS - Leftist Groups Manipulating Republicans

Bob Quasius also did extensive research on the subject and refers to a Smoking Gun Memo from John Tanton.

 “John Tanton is infamous for founding numerous anti-immigrant groups, which not only seek strict enforcement of immigration laws, but also drastic reductions in LEGAL immigration… Tanton has manipulated the Republican Party with the bogus argument that immigrants invariably become Democrats and so immigration is contrary to the interests of the Republican Party. Direct quote:

"The goal is to change Republicans’ perception of immigration so that when they encounter the word “immigrant,” their reaction is “Democrat.”

"Our plan is to hire a lobbyist who will carry the following message to Republicans on Capitol Hill and to business leaders: Continued massive immigration will soon cost you political control of the White House and Congress, given the current, even division of the electorate, and the massive infusion of voters about to be made to the Democratic side. We are about to replay the Democratic hegemony of 1933-53, fueled back then by the massive immigration of 1890-1924."

My confrontation with Krikorian to tell us the truth about the origin of his organization was important for the people to know the truth about Tanton. I asked him directly as I quoted Bob Price and I asked him to tell us the truth on the origin on his organization and founding board members. He denied it and he suddenly accused me to be part of Southern Poverty Law so I reacted to his response. What he should have said is “Why do you think that?” His sarcastic comment instead of responding with the truth was not surprising. They have tried to hide the truth and said the recent names of board members of CIS.

In recent years, the Center for Immigration Studies has been carefully placing some people on their board from different ethnic background to protect themselves from these accusations, but the truth is this, you can look at the story of the organization, and with each one of these individuals you will see that their founding board members were strongly pro-abortion and eugenicists:

Peter Nunez, Chairman of the Board of Directors He is a former United States Attorney for the Southern District of California (1982-1988), and a former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Enforcement (1990-1993).

Thomas C.T. Brokaw, Board Member. Member of environmental groups

William W. Chip, Board Member Member of FAIR and all his focus is anti-immigration

T. Willard Fair, Board Member President of Center for Education Reform

Carol Iannone, Board Member Writer of the American Conservative

Kent Lundgren, Board Member Writer of a tale of a Border Patrol

Frank Morris, Sr., Board Member; Founding Board Member and member of PFIR has been called "the latest front group of the anti-immigrant John Tanton Network

Harry E. Soyster, Board Member a retired United States Army Lieutenant General

Jan Ting, Board Member senior Fellow and professor of law at Temple University

Daniel N. Vara, Jr., Board Member Immigration Attorney

Former Staff and Fellows

Michael W. Cutler, Former Fellow Antiimmigration Democrat

James R. Edwards, Jr., Former Fellow

Jon Feere, Former Legal Policy Analyst; Current Senior Advisor for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Preston Huennekens, Former Research Associate Member of FAIR

George B. High, Former Executive Director

Rosemary Jenks, Former Senior Analyst; Current Director of Government Relations at NumbersUSA

John Keeley, Former Director of Communications

Janice Kephart, Former National Security Director

Joseph J. Kolb, Former Fellow

Kausha Luna, Former Research Associate

Robert Malloy, Former Research Analyst

John L. Martin, Former Research Director

Stanley Renshon, Former Fellow

Cynthia Owens, Former Director of Administration

Ashley Monique Webster, Former Demographer

Former Board Members

Vernon M. Briggs Jr., Former Board Member; Founding Board Member

George Borjas, Former Board Member; Current Professor of Economics and Social Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Bay Buchanan, Former Board Member

Patrick Burns, Former Board Member

Roger Conner, Former Board Member; Founding Board Member

Ron Foster, Former Board Member

Otis L. Graham Jr., Former Board Member; Founding Chairman who was concerned on a leading concern for me is to bring into FAIR strong representation from people in groups of liberal, progressive disposition.”

George W. Grayson, Former Board Member; Founding Board Member pro-abortion democrat

Jacquelyne Jackson, Former Board Member Sociology professor studies on affecting the elderly population

Eugene Katz, Former Board Member

Malcolm R. Lovell, Former Board Member; Founding Board Member. member of the Society of the Descendants of the Mayflower and Sons of the American Revolution.

Scott McConnell, Former Board Member Founder of the American conservative, usually preoccupied with anti-whiteness

Elizabeth Paddock, Former Board Member; Founding Board Member and was also against population growth

Robert M. Sayre, Former Board Member Population control

David Simcox, Former Chairman of the Board of Directors Former white nationalist and director of Negative population growth

Eleanor Weinstock, Former Board Member Former FL senator , pro-abortion liberal

Dr. Ieda Siqueira Wiarda, Former Board Member Advocate for strong population control

Anita Winsor Edwards, Former Board Member Environmentalist

Mary Wohlford, Former Board Member  - support abortion through her foundation


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