The Left Exposed!

PJ Media's Steven Crowder released a video showing union thugs sucker punching him while they attacked and collapsed the America for Prosperity tent with women and children in it. In Michigan, the governor signed a law allowing workers the right not to join a union and the union thugs came out in full force. To paraphrase John Lennon, imagine a world in which workers do not have to work in a union or pay dues and that's one thing that a few union leaders might not be want to imagine.

I could simply add that in recent times, those states with right to work laws actually do better economically and workers benefitted from having the right not to join a union! According to West Michigan Policy Forum, eight of ten states with the highest personal income growth were right to work states and Economist Richard Vedder found that states with right to work laws had a 23% increase in personal income. Workers actually benefit when given a choice.

This brings us to the crux of the issue; why do unions oppose the right of workers to choose whether they join the union? Isn’t it about choices with the left? Why does a woman have a right to abort her baby but that same woman is forced to join a union in 26 states? And why do unions insist on violent approaches to discuss policy? Finally, why doesn’t the former community organizer, and now President Obama, not condemn violence?



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