Minimalist Freedom Lovers

Have we become minimalists with our expectations of freedom? Have we as American citizens become complacent with the amount of freedoms we suppose that we'll have left when the Obama administration ceases to exist? I am apt to say yes at this moment. If you disagree, then, hear me out.

As we celebrated our independence from Britain this past weekend, it made me think about how free we really are as a country and as citizens. There has been an assault on each and every one of our freedoms in some shape or fashion and sometimes I wonder how that happened. So, feature in your mind a Marmaduke cartoon strip. Now, picture if you will, sleeping with Marmaduke in a queen sized bed. We all know that Marmaduke is a huge great dane and it's going to be a rough night, am I right? So, the night starts off well enough, until around 1:00 AM. That's when Marmaduke decides he needs some more room, so he scoots over toward you and takes over some of your space. You think, okay fine, I've still got enough bed left to get some sleep.

Fast forward a few hours and Marmaduke again scoots your way. Before you know it, you're laying practically at the edge of the bed. You huff and puff and try to push him back to no avail. You get upset and pound your pillows like a two year old pounds the floor amidst a temper tantrum. Then you try to settle in for more sleep.

Then suddenly, you awake to a THUD. That thud was you falling off of the bed because now, Marmaduke has effectively taken over the expanse of the mattress, leaving you with no space whatsoever. Sounds like insomnia creep, doesn't it?

I am guilty to this day of minimalist freedom. I think, if only the government doesn't take away our freedom to choose our own healthcare provider, then I'll be okay. Well, so much for that. Okay, okay, as long as they don't take away my freedom to send emails and text messages without being spied upon. Kiss that one goodbye, too. Wait, if I just hope hard enough that we will still be able to pray in a public place without the IRS asking us for the content of our prayers....then all is well, right? Yeah, not so much.

Wait, how about this one? All children are free to use their entrepreneurial skills to have lemonade stands whenever and wherever they want. (still scratching my head over that one). As long as the police can't forcibly come into your home and arrest you for not complying with them over a need to use your home for surveillance, we're cool. Ask the Nevada resident how that worked out for him.

Folks, I could go on and on over the list of freedoms that have been slowly eroded, not just during this presidential term, but over the last fifty years. The American people trusted and believed that Marmaduke was sure to leave us alone, that he would stay on his side of the bed and we would all be able to get a good solid eight hours of shut eye every night.

I, for one, am tired of being a minimalist! We need ALL of our freedoms in tact, not just some of them. We need to stay awake, patriots! We must all stick together and continue to stay vigilant against a big government who wants nothing more than to take every freedom we have away from us. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "We must all hang together or assuredly we will all hang separately." Let's work together so that Marmaduke finds himself put out for the night, if you know what I mean.


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