Ken Mercer; Fighting the Good Fight on the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE)

When Texas put their foot down by voting in strong conservative members to the State Board of Education, Ken Mercer was deployed to the forefront of the battle for the minds of our young Texans. Ken and his colleagues have begun a process of reaffirming the power of real American history. For many years our kids have been taught through a limited and narrow minded prism that limits the contributions of all Texans to that of a few minor instances.


In reality, as Ken Mercer shows, all Texans from all backgrounds have impacted our great history in ways never known before. Thanks to the diligent work of history loving conservatives, our rich Texas heritage will now shared in social studies. Ken Mercer has helped open up the world of learning with powerful Texas facts, equipping young children with the knowledge that it takes to become bold citizens who will continue rebuilding the strength of this nation from generation to generation.


Recently, some Democrats and the media have attempted to spread blatant lies about what is happening in this cyclical process of establishing standards of what is to be taught. The race card has been pulled repeatedly, with claims that conservatives have purposely removed minorities from the textbooks. Even the accusation that Thomas Jefferson was removed has been slung around the media. In the end, thanks to the emergence of resilient social media, here on, and Facebook we can spread the truth. Watch Ken Mercer tell you what is really going on and how conservatives are actually the ones bringing diversity through historical fact. Add Ken Mercer as a friend on Facebook and thank him for his hard work, these guys dont get paid for their position on the State Board and they have endured vicious attacks from the left and the media while continuing to do a fantastic job.


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