Born to Serve – Fernando Herrera Responds to the Call!

For sixteen years, the Texas 148th Legislative District of the Texas House has been served by one of the most liberal members of the House, Jessica Farrar. If Houston Deputy Fire Chief Fernando Herrera has his way, that is about to change.

District 148 reaches from just east of downtown Houston, through the Heights and slightly into northwest Houston. It serves a wide variety of people with Conservative values who are not properly represented by the current legislator. Herrera will bring a new perspective to how a district will be represented.

I spoke with Herrera about why he feels called to serve the people of this district. Herrera said, "I was born and raised in District 148. I attended the same HISD schools that serve our students today and understand what it is like to grow up in the district. More importantly, I understand what it is like to live in a district that has been neglected by decades of Democrat leadership in Houston." Herrera earned a degree in Fire Sciences from Houston Community College and then graduated from the Houston Fire Academy in 1981. His first assignment? Right back in the heart of district 148, protecting the very people he was raised with. Now, as an executive with the Houston Fire Department, he understands how to work with government to accomplish objectives.

In addition to his city duties, Herrera also has worked in the private sector building a start-up business beginning in his garage and managing it into a successful enterprise with 14 full and part time employees. He understands the needs of the small business person, how to work on a budget and meet a payroll!

Fernando Herrera now has the opportunity to become the only Conservative Hispanic State Legislator. As our party reaches out to the growing Hispanic community, Herrera's campaign provides a great opportunity for Republicans to show they mean what they say about wanting to earn the Hispanic vote.

Initially, most believed this race to be unwinnable. The statistics say it can't be done. Herrera says "Statistics don't vote, people do!" And he began his campaign by reaching out to people. He and his team of Political First Responders are taking the campaign to the streets of the 148th. Block walking, or as Herrera prefers, Block Skating his way through the district, talking to people all over the community. He is successfully showing the people of this district how the incumbent does not represent their values and how he, as a Conservative, will be a better representative for their ideals. The message is taking hold and Democrats can’t deny that they need a Representative that’s here, and they need representation now.

This race has become VERY winnable. His unique campaign style, charming personality, and a hard work ethic create an unstoppable candidate. Now we must show him our support as well. A Republican upset over the House Democratic Caucus Chair will represent a major shift in the makeup of the Texas Legislature. With Redistricting becoming THE issue for the next legislative session, this is a great opportunity to take one more seat and put it in the Conservative column.

Fernando Herrera and his team of first repsonders headed to block walk. 

I urge voters across Texas to take a look at this campaign and do whatever you can to support Fernando Herrera. This election can be won, but he needs your help now to finish strong! Volunteer to make calls, and yes, CONTRIBUTE MONEY to his campaign! Quick, before he wears out those roller skates!

Fernando and Melissa Herrera


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