More evidence on Democratic mischievous behavior

I noted in a recent piece that the Democrats' campaign against voter ID was not about protecting minority rights but to make it easier for them to cheat and to produce an issue to increase turnout among Hispanic and African-Americans voters.

In Iowa, a Democratic operative got arrested in a stolen identity scheme against the Republican Secretary of State with the idea of trying to create a scandal to get Matt Schultz removed from office. This was not some isolated incident or some nutcase, but a gentleman who worked for Link Strategies as the Director of New Media. Link Strategies is well connected to Democratic Iowa Senator Tom Harkin.

So why care about the Secretary of State's job? The answer is simple, the Secretary of State verifies the state elections and after Schultz upset Democratic Michael Mauro in 2010, Democrats have been trying to find ways to get rid of Shultz. Iowa will be one of those battleground states and controlling the Secretary of State means the Party in charge could determine who wins a close election.

Consider the case of the Al Franken-Norm Coleman Senatorial election in 2008. Coleman was 725 votes ahead of Franken and this narrow margin triggered a recount with Minnesota. Journalist Matthew Vadum described as a long series of “appalling irregularities” benefitting Franken; irregularities that included number of ballots found in a an judge’s car, one Minnesota county “found” 100 votes due to “clerical error”, another county reported 133 fewer votes than voting machines tabulated and at least 393 convicted felons illegally voted. As Josef Stalin once noted, “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how but what is extraordinarily important is this- who will count the votes and how.” The Democratic Secretary of State did his job in ensuring Franken won.

The effort to stop voter ID opens the door for massive voter fraud and let's be blunt, it is not like the Obama administration will do much to stop any evidence of voter fraud. Nor will there be any effort on part of the media to go looking for voter fraud.

The Left understands that this is the election that changes America and they have many victories to protect including government take over much of the auto industry, Dodd-Frank which gives government immense power over our financial markets and the essential government takeover of health care (Obamacare). For the left, the fear that much of what they have accomplished could be reversed; so they are preparing to do whatever it takes to win as the ends will justify the means for they view this as a battle to the death. As I noticed in my previous article, there have been more incidences of voter fraud reported or thought possible and Democratic efforts to win Secretary of State shows the left understands the mechanics of winning elections and they are serious in keeping their power.

The incidence in Iowa shows the desperation that many Democrat operatives are showing and the real question that might be asked or should be asked is who ordered Zachery Lewis, the operative caught in the identity case, to move forward or did he really act on his own? My own gut instinct tells me that Lewis is part of a larger conspiracy to remove one Republican from a key state position, a position that could make a difference on who wins the White House.


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