Meg Whitman - Gaining the Hispanic Vote in California

It is assumed by many Republicans that Minority Voters are property of the Democratic Party. In the case of Hispanic voters, this past decade showed that, through the concentrated promotion of our highest Republican ideals, we can get a lions share of the vote. In 2000, Bush managed to get 35% of the Hispanic vote and in 2004, he captured 40% of the vote. So the Hispanic vote is up for grab.

A recent article in the Atlantic explains how Meg Whitman is going about taking the Hispanic vote from Jerry Brown and the Democrats in California. If she can manage to increase her share of the vote and get the independent votes, she may not only win the Governor's Mansion but also carry Carly Fiorna along as well. Can you imagine a real Republican running the state of California and a real Republican Senator instead of Barbara Boxer?


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