Michael Barone's "It's a Wonderful Life Working for the Government"

In "It's a Wonderful Life Working for the Government," Michael Barone states that in a recent Rasmussen Poll,

46 percent of government employees say the economy is getting better, while just 31 percent say it's getting worse. In contrast, 32 percent of those with private-sector jobs say the economy is getting better, while 49 percent say it is getting worse.

You see: When they get everyone either working for the government or government service companies, a majority will think things are looking up, even if their standard of living has fallen dramatically. By the way, these current government workers’ standard of living hasn’t fallen. Today, the average government worker earns more dollars than the average private sector worker; even though those dollars are borrowed ones we can never pay back! Those government workers are being paid more from those private workers who earn less. How long do you think we can keep that up?


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