Michael Medved's TexasGOPVote Citation on his Radio Program

TexasGOPVote, and Bob Price specifically, was cited by Michael Medved on his radio program Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was not in a complimentary context. Medved is philosophically pretty conservative, elaborating philosophically consistent explanations of how markets work and government attempts at coercion do not. He is also clear on the ideals of social conservatism and the problems of liberal dissent. He is also exceptionally literate on historical accounts, and I listen to him most every day.

However, Medved is also VERY interested in and insistent on politically pragmatic expressions of conservatism and those that he thinks are practically destructive. That is a disposition that I, and I think we all with TexasGOPVote, have considerable sympathy. But, I differ with Medved to the extent that I think SOME essential truths have become so ambiguous in the popular mind, that it is necessary to articulate them, if in the most tolerant, congenial and felicitous terms possible.

Medved cited from Bob’s piece, "The Hypocrisy of President Barack Hussein Obama - Egyptian vs American Protests", saying this sort of language is unhelpful to the objective of making Obama a one-term president, and specifically quoting, “He then steps to his powerful presidential podium and speaks to the protesters in Egypt saying President Hosni Mubarak must begin a transition immediately toward a new government, and assured protesters ‘we hear your voices’." I do incline to agree with Medved’s disdain for the reference to “Barack Hussein Obama, which he cited as indicative of trouble to come, and I just think is an unhelpful distraction from any worthwhile discussion at hand.

But Medved makes reference to the relatively shrill viscerally animated conservative expressions that liberals love to generalize as representative of “right-wing extremist nutballs.” In this case, I found this somewhat ironic because A) all of us at TexasGOPVote are quite familiar with this element, having had them run up and down all our backs and gnaw at our ankles, and B) Though conservative, Bob is rather a level-headed Republican activist. If Bob is too shrill, then I am a right-wing extremist nutball, particularly recently having ventured into what is not typical “mainstream” (I hate that word, but it brings people to a sense of what I’m talking about) major party discussion. Judge as you will what is politically pragmatic discussion, I think that it is what goes as standard today that is uprooted from essential and ultimately vital American principle.

Medved also said he had checked and affirmed that our Blog had no affiliation with The Republican Party. That is true as it would be somewhat contraining. But Bob and I and especially Norman Adams have been longtime activists in The Republican Party. I went to the 1998 state convention armed with flyers warning of the philosophical heterodoxy of some prominent Republicans, which officials ruled I could not distribute: “too divisive” you know, particularly back in a time that was more preoccupied with the potential treatment of organs of “mainstream media. Anyway, I wish Medved could have the three of us on to defend our sanity and speak for Sensible Immigration Reform, which Norman has worked so assertively on and with respect to which our position is closer to Medved’s. We could also affirm what he should know; that there is a considerable contingent among rank and file Republican activists who are largely animated by that more visceral than thoughtful sort of disposition. Of course, the same is true in The Democratic Party, and I suspect more so as liberals are more sentimentally than philosophically and realistically motivated.


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