More Leftist Fantasy: Gun Control

Before I could shift gears from the fantasy of a productive and auspicious state-command society, the talk on Sunday news-ralk television, predictably after the Tucson shooting story has leveled off, turned to gun-control. It is now widely conceded after Supreme Court rulings, that there IS an individual second amendment right to bear arms. So, at least the fantasy is largely set aside that killings can be averted by banning guns. Banning American sale and/or manufacture would only be a bonanza for international manufacturers and traffickers. And the ONLY people who would have guns would be those who are willing to break the law, like…oh…killers for example. This is demonstrated everywhere gun-control has been tried. But liberals never let the experience of the real world get in the way of a fine fantasy.

Now, the case made is that though there is a right, it is not absolute, so they can regulate WHO can and can’t buy guns and WHICH guns, ammunition and magazines can be bought. I’m a big fan of Oklahoma Senator Dr. Tom Coburn who appeared on Meet The Press, and his low-key and circumspect but principled conservatism. So though he did make the point about the futility of laws with lawbreakers, I was a little disappointed that he conceded that people who are identified as unstable should not be allowed to buy guns, WITHOUT ALSO repeating that someone who wanted to do harm would buy a gun somewhere illegally. But, the same thing applies with ammunition and magazines as applies with weapons themselves. Especially today when things are globally sold and transferred so easily, the idea of restricting items is simply a dream, assuming one is serious. At least the acknowledgment of the right of gun ownership for law-abiding citizens means that they don’t have to be sitting ducks for predators and nuts. But Coburn also made the point that focusing on arms misses the important point that we should be alert to providing and seeking help for people like Jared Loughner who have evinced personal disturbance. We can all do the best for society by being socially attentive and assertive. But after all of these years, I still have not found a way to disabuse liberals of their fantasies.

By the way, guns are not my choice of amusement. I played softball and basketball. I’m glad many do, but I don’t even hunt or target-shoot. But, I don’t rely on the police alone to protect my family and community. I’m not STUPID!


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That is funny coming from the same Texas GOP crowd that built a fantasy  that big-government needed to spend really big bucks to make sure another country can't exercise their second amendment rights.

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