The Most Important Senate Race in the Nation?

While every race this November is important, could the race to fill the Delaware Senate seat, once held by Joe Biden, be the most important? Consider this: the Delaware senate race is a special election. The seat is currently held by Ted Kaufman who was appointed to the seat after Joe Biden assumed the Vice Presidency. Since this is a special election, the winner will be sworn in immediately and will be able to vote on bills in the Lame Duck session that is exprected to be held.

Now consider the Republican candidates that will be facing off in Delaware's September 14 primary - Mike Castle and Christine O'Donnell. According to the American Spectator Castle is the wrong person for the job. One off the predicted agenda items for a lame duck session is Cap and Trade. The American Spectator reports that Castle "has been friendly with the environmental movement," voting in favor of a version of the bill as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

After infiltrations of the GOP by environmental activist groups that oppose immigration reform to promote a zero population growth agenda (which advocates abortion), the last thing that the party needs is another environmentalist placing restraints on business. In a lame duck session, a sympathetic vote for the Reid/Pelosi cap and trade agenda could mean the difference between victory and defeat.


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