Muslim Demographics/Hispanic Friends Or Adversaries?

Europe is toast, as a Christian and free society. Canada is headed in the same direction. Look at the US numbers in the video below. What do they tell you? Many sentimental conservatives in the US are in a fuss about Hispanic immigration. Obviously, Hispanic immigration needs to be legal and orderly and is not. But, setting visceral responses aside, conservatives need to make a concerted effort to co-opt and cooperate with the Hispanic population, with its historic Christian roots and strong families and a work ethic. Rather than focusing on fences and aversion and fear of a loss to liberalism, conservatives need to facilitate safe and legal processing and welcome Hispanics with open arms, showing them the value of conservative principles. Only in cooperation with a Hispanic population that understands the value of American principles of freedom, can we have any chance of withstanding the spread of Islam. Islamic people are not inherently the problem. The problem is the anti-democratic and anti-liberty nature of the Muslim faith. European nations are already adopting elements and jurisdictions of Muslim Sharia law.

America’s founding said that “all men are created equal,” and we believe that the values of that founding present a potential appeal to all men. We must raise up and uphold those values in our society and invite Muslims to join in them. But, NEVER SURRENDER THEM TO THE SHACKLES OF SHARIA LAW, IN WHICH THE STATE AND THE RELIGION ARE FUSED… That’s how it is in Muslim nations. That seems a direction that Europe will be unequipped to stave off. Americans need to keep their eye on the ball: we can more readily propagate American values among refugees from Hispanic nations than from Islamic ones. If any Islamics are going to reconcile with American values, it will be because we build a strong society to embody them, not because we are weak and unproductive like Europeans and expend half of our energy fighting Hispanics instead of winning them to our side. Will liberals attempt to win Hispanics with supposed goodies from the state that are really shackles? Of course, they will. That’s what liberals do. The question is whether conservatives will wade into the battle with ideals we claim are superior or whether we will be be overrun in our ideological foxholes as we shake our fists in defiance. If they are not going to fight for this one, freedom-loving Americans might soon need to look for another place to live.


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