Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street movement is but a taste of the left’s 2012 campaign as the Occupy Wall Street organizers are the storm troopers for the movement, the street urchins whose goal is to send a message to the Tea Party and the right that “we own the street.” With union money flowing in, the media's sympathetic coverage, and Democratic leaders egging on the protesters, the movement is gaining steam, but then, it was all so predictable.

Wisconsin was the model for the present campaign as the Union went to the street to intimidate lawmakers while making the impression that the people were revolting against Governor Walker’s reform. The goal was to disrupt the legislative process and combine with the Democratic Senators leaving the state to deny Walker and the Republicans a quorum. The street theater and political intrigue was backed with big money that flowed into the state, far outstripping what Republicans and conservatives could raise. Wisconsin ended in defeat for the left but they almost succeeded in recapturing the Senate and taking command of the state Supreme Court. The strategy in Wisconsin is now being tried nationwide with Occupy Wall Street providing the foot soldiers and others the cash to set in motion an election strategy of scorched earth against conservatives and the Republicans.

For the left, this is their Armageddon, but it is also their opportunity for a victory in 2012 will allow the left to finish the job they started in turning America into a European democratic socialistic society with government controlling economic decision making. For the left, it is their goal to turn America into Greece for they truly believe that what has happened in Greece should happen here. History is turned upside down for the left for Greece represents a high water mark in civilization and collapse is not a thought that crosses their mind. As Margret Thatcher once observed, the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of someone else's money to support the gig. For the left, the money will never run out until it does.

Contrast the Occupy Wall Street with the Tea Party and you can see a clear difference. The Tea Party may agree with the leftist folks that bailing out Wall Street was a bad idea, but they are more concerned with the restriction of the power of government to commit crony capitalism, whereas Occupy Wall Street is perfectly willing to tolerate selected crony capitalism provided the right business is supported (Green technology anyone?). To paraphrase a pundit, Tea Party members are the ones who go to Church on Sunday, work on Monday and vote on Tuesday. Occupy Wall Street protesters are the ones who party on Saturday night, sleep in on Sunday and skip classes on Monday to play street revolutionaries. Tea Partiers are not the mob, but clear thinking citizens who understand clearly what they stand for and what they can accomplish. For the Tea Party, it is the rule of law that matters and they would never think of disrupting people traveling to work or trying to shut down a city or part of a city. Occupy Wall Street group are about anarchy and stopping the normal functioning of the system.

Occupy Wall Street exposes the Democratic Party for who they truly are as the curtain has been pulled. In the late 60’s, the predecessors to the Occupy Wall Street found resistance by many of the liberal coalition, in particular unions who did not oppose the Vietnam war and didn’t care for the radicalism of the new left who threatens their own livelihoods for most union workers worked in the private sectors. Today, the average union members are public sector workers who benefit from the expansion of government. Which is why many unions are supporting the protestors for it is their goal to shrink the private sector and engorge the state. Old style liberals or moderates no longer exist within the Democratic Party as the Party is now the Party of the left, not of liberals. Liberalism no longer exists except in name, and Obama is no liberal but a man of the hard left. The silliness and incoherence that permeates much of the street urchins has penetrated the Democratic Party except government is king, government is the modern day god they worship.

For the Republicans, the Tea Party is but one part of a movement searching for the definition of conservatism. There are general agreements for conservatives including government is too big, taxes need to be reformed along with entitlements, and America is an exceptional nation; not just another nation among many. What is still being defined is how to obtain those goals.

For the left, it is hitting the street with no mercy shown to the opponents. It is combat to the finish and no compromise expect only to surrender to their agenda. The Doobie Brothers use to sing of “Taking it to the streets” and Mick Jagger once asked “what poor boy can do but sing in a rock and roll band” while singing an homage to Street fighting men. Occupy Wall Street protesters are the precursor to the rioters in Europe when government threatens to cut their benefits and the question is, when do the real street fighting men show up?


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Occupy Wall Street is NOT Democratic or Republican.

We are normal people UNITED ,who want money out of politics.
Corporations control the government and both parties.
They lobby ( legally bribe ) ALL politicians who the act in the best interests of the Corporations.

The PEOPLE demand to be heard.
The politicians should work FOR the people.

Remove the Corporate money from politics.

this guy is scared pantless.

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