Politico: "On Latinos, listen to the Gipper"

Alfonso Aguilar hits it out of the park with this editorial. This should be a blueprint for the Texas and National GOP!

Ronald Reagan understood Latinos.
They “demonstrate the importance of real work,” Reagan used to say, “producing things of real value, building communities of shared values that enrich America and keep us strong and free.”
I don’t know a better description of what the Latino community is all about.

Reagan was right: Latinos are hardworking. Those who migrate to the United States have made a difficult decision to leave their homeland in search of the opportunities and freedoms that our system offers. They are determined to succeed here and don’t expect handouts.
That’s why Latino-owned businesses are growing three times faster than the national average. And that’s why Latino immigrants and their children have high employment levels.
In fact, Latinos usually come here because they are frustrated with the limitations and failures of the big government in their homelands. They are fed up with an intrusive state apparatus that breeds corruption and imposes heavy tax burdens in return for deficient state-run services.
These immigrants don’t come to America to seek more government. They want less.
Reagan was also right about the values of the Latino community. Latinos, like so many others, are defined by faith and family. That’s why a majority say abortion should be illegal and that marriage is between a man and a woman.
When you think about it, Latinos’ values sound like conservative values.
Reagan realized this better than anyone. “Hispanics are conservative,” he liked to say. “They just don’t know it.”

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"These immigrants don’t come to America to seek more government. They want less."

Is that why they demand "respect" from us on Cinco de Mayo and thrust their Mexican flag in our faces?


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