POTUS Imposes Sanctions on the American People

There has been extensive dialogue on the use of economic sanctions during the course of international diplomacy, but I struggle to understand how the President of the United States has applied a unilateral approach to economically sanction not only the people who elected him but the economy of a country he represents. Okay, before anyone gets their undershorts twisted up, the President did not write a specific executive order which states he has imposed sanctions on Americans but for the record, he has marshaled executive orders that have curtailed or abolished our ability to be energy independent. He has commanded the Environmental Protection Agency to not issue any new licenses regarding the construction of new oil refineries. He has ordered a moratorium on off shore drilling.

In the current wake of the sizeable rise in gasoline prices, the governmental bureaucracies continue to handcuff our ability to not only extract the petroleum resources to generate jobs and lower gas prices but they have also ceased the issuance of new licenses to build new refineries. We are all aware that without refineries, the oil is useless as a product for consumption for our transportation means as well as our ability to compete assertively in a global economy. Why must our economy be at the whim of other nations? What happened to our independence?

It is a reasonable question to ask the President why we are not drilling for oil and natural gas in our country? The President’s political ideology should not supersede the needs of our country! Is this the republic government that our founders envisioned? Can someone please substantiate where in the U.S. Constitution it decrees that the President has unilateral authority to control and oversee private industries! Why does the President want the American people, who are suffering from inflation and have very little disposable income to be the victims of his political ideology? What is most disconnecting regarding his campaign is his political ideology on helping the working class and the poor when they are the ones who are getting hit the hardest with the rise in gasoline prices. Small businesses are attacked with an increase in cost for the delivery of products. Maybe it is part of the New World Order to promote chaos and division so that government can be proclaimed as the liberator and to justify the expansion of the federal government much like national healthcare.

As a born and bred Texan, the time has come for Texas to battle the 4th branch of the federal government (bureaucracy) for our constitutional right to self govern and independently refrain from unfunded government mandates and unconstitutional executive orders that have oppressed the state’s ability to self-govern versus the federal agencies who are the fundamental beneficiaries of such orders.

It was Benjamin Franklin who was approached by the wife of the mayor of Philadelphia on the enactment of the U.S. Constitution and she asked him what the new government would be and he responded, “A republic, madam. If you can keep it.” As citizens of the this great country and as guardians of the Constitution, it is our responsibility to ensure we keep this great nation a republic just as the men and women who have served and are serving in the Armed Forces to protect and defend the Constitution. Let us restore our Constitution, renew our commitment to a republic form of government, and reunite in our aspiration of less government by reducing an insolent and disobedient administrative government that restricts our liberties.


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What strange reasoning you use to even draw a parallel between international sanctions and the resulting regulations from the BP spill last summer.  
First and foremost, I would like to point out that even if there were no restrictions to drilling anywhere in the US, our energy independence would not be achieved.  Energy prices are being driven, not by limits to domestic production, but by the world appetite for energy.  Nations such as China and India are emerging as huge economies with rapid expansion and a great appetite for a limited resource.  
Second, whether or not the moratorium on deep water drilling was a good idea, the fact remains that it is a result of catastrophic failure of oversight.  Yes, I said it, OVERSIGHT.  There is a reason why certain aspects of industry are regulated.  They usually stem from an abuse or short cut that results in some major calamity.  Can regulation be made smarter and easier to adopt and implement? Yes, but it requires working with not against the agencies that enforce these rules.
While we are on the subject of energy prices and how they affect the poorest in our population, let us not shirk from looking at other measures which Republicans are such as Gov. Rick Perry are proposing in the face of the current  budget crunch.  How well served are the poorest among us, when we refuse to consider using the "rainy day" fund to mitigate the budget shortfall of this coming budget?  How will Medicaid cuts affect us?  How will the education cuts affect our economic future?  How will we continue to grow economically if our workforce is undereducated?

Maybe I'm exhibiting a little naivette about political obstacles and general management of oil drilling with this question but why can't they drill anyway?  Will the gov't come, in their suits and ties, guns a-blazing?  Shoot them?  Fine them?  Arrest them and all the people suddenly gone back to work?  If they managed to get most or all of those people their jobs, how would barry look if he tried to stop it?  The American public (those who matter anyway) would be behind them 100%.  When it would mean not only jobs, but lower gas and food prices, I submit to the oil companies to take a stand.  Let people know they can fix at least part of what's wrong.  Tell the gov't that they don't recognize their right to tell them not to drill. 

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