Private Sector Teams Up With Charter Schools

As Republicans we believe in the free market. We believe the private sector is where innovation will occur and that government programs could be more efficient if businesses got involved.

Since we believe these two principles, I think it is incumbent upon us as Republicans to highlight businesses that are impacting sectors of society traditionally reserved for government bureaucracies.

CollegePlus!, a company based in San Antonio, recently teamed up with a local charter school to help its students attain 12 college credits for studying and passing the Spanish CLEP test. These students were mostly sophomores and juniors and for the most part, CLEP was their first taste of the college experience.

This is exactly what our education system needs! Private sector companies are continually innovating while bureaucracies find efficiencies only when faced with budget cuts.

Additionally, the charter school system has more flexibility than most public schools. They have been given more free rein to direct the student’s education and as a result have been able to partner with companies like CollegePlus! This is yet another reason why Republicans should continue to support charter schools.

When looking at education in urban areas, we need to think outside the box. When it comes to getting students interested in college, dual credit should be top priority. Charter schools across Texas are fighting to get students into colleges and the fact that private sector companies are getting involved should definitely help turn this dream into reality.


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