PROLIFERS Celebrate Reversal of Roe v Wade – March for Life SA January 21

On January 21, 2023 the San Antonio Family Association, SAFA, sponsored the first March for Life and Rally for Life in a post Roe v Wade era.  The Main Plaza in front of the Cathedral in downtown San Antonio was the setting for this landmark event.  

It’s difficult to bring any truth to many of the citizens of the city of St. Anthony since the San Antonio Express News has a chokehold on truth and uses its ink to bring intentional lies or half-truths to its readers.  The word “prolife” is taboo and the word anti-abortion is substituted.  It is up to the conservative Christians to enlighten the ignorant or the willfully ignorant.  Attending a prolife event is an excellent means of seeking the truth.   

In spite of what many believe, the Dobbs decision did not abolish abortion nationwide.  The Supreme Court ruled that each state would decide to ban or not to ban abortion.   Texas, of course, is a prolife state voted by the people of this great state.  Presently there are 13 states banning abortion.  In addition to Texas they are Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Idaho and Tennessee.  As you can see we are a long way off from abolishing abortion in the U.S. 

Patrick Von Dohlen, chair of the March for Life event, said, “Overturning Roe was a good first step, but the battle continues in states around the nation and in the hearts and minds to win those who do not see this issue clearly. Abortion is the killing of a baby. Nothing justifies killing a baby, not rape, not incest, and abortion is never done to save the life of the mother.  Abortion isn’t healthcare. Until we treasure the image of God in all of us, there is a need to continue this fight for the equality of all human beings.”

Saturday’s march drew approximately 300 enthusiastic prolifers marching from Main Plaza to the Alamo and back.  These souls were willing to brave the possibility of rain and cold weather.  The prolife advocates attending the Rally following the march were treated to an exciting cast of speakers.  They included:  Claire Culwell, Heather Hobbs, Anne Newman, Tere Haring, Bishop Charles Flowers, Nathan Seltzer, Galaxy Action as well as the Archbishop of the diocese of San Antonio Gustavo Garcia-Siller.  Weston Martinez spoke at the Alamo Cenotaph about the Heroes of the Alamo. Also Fr Will Combs and Emeritus Bishop Michael Pfiefer led the prayers before and after the march and rally.  Alejandra Dipp Gonzales served as the Mistress of Ceremonies. 

The keynote speaker was Claire Culwell an abortion survivor with a miraculous story.  She is from East Texas and began by saying she was very proud to be a Texan, especially when Roe v Wade was reversed because our trigger law would go into effect and ban abortion.   She said, “This is why we March because someone like me, like you, or a friend or a neighbor has been impacted by abortion which is the greatest injustice of our time.”  

Culwell knew she was adopted and had always felt wanted, chosen and loved.  She eventually searched for her birth mother and reunited with her in March 2009.  She was very grateful to her birth mother for allowing her to be adopted, not knowing at this time that she had been aborted.  In May 2009 she met her birth mother for a second time.  According to Culwell this meeting changed her life.   

Her birth mother told her “I didn’t choose life for you.”  Not knowing the mother was pregnant with twins the abortionist killed only one of the babies.  Thus, Claire survived her birth mother’s abortion.  She learned she was a twinless twin in the name of choice.   All of a sudden she was unwanted, rejected, and aborted.  She was born two weeks premature, weighted three pounds with club feet and a dislocated hip due to the abortion of her twin. Claire has overcome these obstacles and now is a strong advocate for life.  After much reflection Culwell decided to forgive her birth mother. 

Claire has written a book telling her story, “Survivor.”  You may want to read her book to realize what all she has gone through. 

Heather Hobbs had a shocking and an incredible story to relate to the audience.  She first told everyone that she never prepares her speeches but depends on the Holy Spirit to guide her with words.  I can attest to that.  Her words were passionate, sincere and made an impression to those listening.

Her story began with her being held hostage and raped repeatedly for three days.  She amazingly lived to speak about her encounter.  Hobbs conceived from this nightmare and struggled to decide what to do about the baby in her womb.  “Who would want a rape baby, who would want to have a monster?”   She couldn’t compel herself to take her life or her baby’s.   Abortion is another trauma on top of another trauma (rape).  “What could be better than an innocent child to soften your heart after an extremely traumatic event?”  Heather considers her now 15 year old rape child a “miracle.”  She has been blessed with four children of which she was told to abort three.  She chose life.  She recently lost her fifth child to brain bleed at 6 weeks.    She is an incredible woman wishing life to all babies.  She concluded by saying her daughter is not a monster, but a loving child of God. 

Hobbs also commented that she is working with child trafficking rescues at the border.  Girls who are trafficked ages 11 to 14.  She related that the cartels have abortionists on staff.   Right here in Texas we have abortionists giving the girls abortions and then returning them back on the streets to be prostituted. This woman is a warrior!

Von Dohlen commented, “Texas has allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help women in need and in crisis.   Any mom can drop off her child at a hospital or fire station within the first weeks after delivery, no questions asked, through the Baby Moses Law and the state will take care of the child. There’s no reason to abort your child. Abortion is never a good option. Adoption is the healthy option.”

Anne Newman had a short but straight message.  ”I came here today for two reasons – to show up, stand up, and speak up for life – and to challenge you to stand against depravity in our culture, especially in our schools.”  To learn more about what is happening in Texas schools go to SpeakupTx.

Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller was the last to speak.  His message was of victory and love.  The triumphant of God’s love, he began, “God’s love, because everything related to prolife has the center on the love of God.”  We must pray without ceasing for the protection of the unborn.  He commented that he was, “thrilled to say that our prayers for life have been answered.”  On June 24, 2022 the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health Organization ended the demand of abortion that Roe introduced in 1973.  “This historic decision does not mean that our work defending and promoting the life of the unborn is done.  On the contrary there is so much to do to bring quality to people’s lives in the womb and outside the womb.  The need is there to pray for the millions of babies and families affected by abortion for the past five decades remains our work too.  We cannot just say the past is over.  But we cannot stay on the past.” 

Von Dohlen presented the 2023 Life Hero Award to Cathy Nix for her 28 years of service protecting the born and unborn which includes as sidewalk advisor, board member of San Antonio Coalition for Life and coordinating the 40 Days for Life.  She has also been SAFA vocalist in many of the events.   

Evil has gripped our society and is spreading like cancer.  It is up to the Christian to stand up for decency and spread the truth.  Do not depend on the media to bring accurate information about women’s healthcare as they connive with the biden administration.  In fact, the administration continues to be relentless in wanting to codify abortion as a woman’s right!.   

On January 22, 2023 biden tweeted: 

Today should've been the 50th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Instead, MAGA Republican officials are waging a war on women's right to make their own health care decisions. But this fight isn't over.

9:20 AM · Jan 22, 2023 8.2M views

From the minute Roe was overturned last June, our Administration fought to protect access to abortion where we could – including taking executive action to safeguard access to medication abortion and travel to access reproductive health care services.

9:20 AM · Jan 22, 2023 509.8K views

Let me be clear: a woman's right to choose is non-negotiable. I haven't stopped fighting to protect women's reproductive rights – and I never will. Now, it’s time for Congress to pass legislation codifying the protections of Roe.

9:20 AM · Jan 22, 2023 940.3K views

We are all made in the image of God and deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as bestowed on us by Almighty God.  We must all stand strong for righteousness and life as intended by our creator.  And only through the grace of God are we allowed to hear Claire’s and Heather’s stories.   





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