Is the Sanctity of Life lost in AMERICA?

Is the Respect for Life lost in America?  Was the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs in May of 2022 a good decision?  Or did it make the issue more divisive, even though the ruling did not ban abortion. 

After the Supreme Court ruled that the decision to regulate abortion should go to each individual state, the prolife movement misjudged how aggressive the pro-aborts were going to be.  The Left did not wait around to start their promotion to access “Reproductive Rights.” 

And now vice president Kamala Harris is going on a country wide “tour” advocating for the killing of the unborn.   According to the White House, “The Vice President will kick off her nationwide tour to fight back against extremist attacks with an event in Wisconsin on Jan. 22, the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade.”  Notice the word “extremist” when in reality it is her and the biden administration that are the “extremists.”  Reminds me of Herod killing all two year old and under males when Christ was born.   

The STATEMENT further states:  “Extremists across our country continue to wage a full-on attack against hard-won, hard-fought freedoms as they push their radical policies – from banning abortion in all 50 states and criminalizing doctors, to forcing women to travel out of state in order to get the care they need,” said Vice President Harris. “I will continue to fight for our fundamental freedoms while bringing together those throughout America who agree that every woman should have the right to make decisions about her own body – not the government.”  To read the entire release copy and paste:

“Abortion is a Right”, or “My body my Choice?”  Have we forgotten that only God gives life and only God can take away life?   Absolutely, no one has the right to kill another innocent human being and no one has the right to kill an innocent child in the womb.  These concepts must be addressed in order to end the slaughter of innocent life.

It has been scientifically proven that life begins at conception.   Why are conservatives so timid in voicing this concept?  The Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

It’s become rather apparent that abortion is supported by many.  The election results in states such as Kansas and Virginia show this.  Ohio was a great disappointment and a devastating blow to protecting the unborn child.   The people of Ohio spoke and a constitutional amendment defending the right to abortion and other forms of reproductive healthcare was enshrined in their constitution.

Because of this “victory,” other states are now planning to introduce the same or similar proposals to their states’ constitutions in 2024.  States such as Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maryland and Missouri may add “reproductive freedom” to their 2024 ballots.

The Christian conservative messaging on the abortion issue failed, if there ever was one.  Sadly, the Left’s messaging or what I call indoctrination that it’s a “constitutional right” worked and is working.  There is no right to kill an unborn child.  The conservatives dropped the ball in messaging to the people.  The Left has been able to knock down Christian conservative beliefs like bowling pins.  It isn’t until the Christian conservative stands firmly on the fact that abortion is “murder” and not a choice, will the unborn find freedom to live as God commands.

Whether we like it or not, abortion will be a big part of the 2024 campaign for the Left.  They have found our weak spot and will exercise these concepts to win.     Conservatives must stand and fight for what they believe in.  If they fight with the same passion and forcefulness that the Left has towards killing the unborn, we can win the battle.   The Left proudly condemns the “radical right extremists” for wanting to stop the slaughter.  When in truth, it is the Left that are the fanatics in allowing the execution of innocents in the womb.  

Not only have the politicians failed to send a unified message to stop the butchery of the unborn, but so has the Church.  When was the last time you heard a homily condemning abortion?  The USCCB has again focused on Life by voting to oppose abortion as the preeminent priority for the bishops’ conference.   According to sources confirmed to the Pillar the amendment reads, “The threat of abortion remains our preeminent priority because it directly attacks our most vulnerable and voiceless brothers and sisters and destroys more than a million lives per year in our country alone.”  Great priority but will we hear it from the pulpit?  Let’s pray this is true and we hear about the Sanctity of Life in every church across our nation.  Parents also have an obligation to bring up their children in the ways of our Lord.  Ephesians 6:4

 We cannot lose hope, but we must be actively engaged in the prolife movement by openly voicing our beliefs.  Supporting a local Pregnancy Crisis Center and electing prolife officials is a necessary part of changing hearts and minds.   Because of the current administration, you can never do enough as the Left is relentless in achieving their goal of “reproductive rights”.  We must also be very aware of the “prolife” groups that ask for money at every turn and convince us that the abortion rate is going down, which is not true.  While surgical abortions may be declining, chemical abortions are on the rise in all states. 

Texas has had great results in banning abortion.  According to a letter by Jama, about 10,000 baby lives have been saved in Texas since Roe v Wade was overturned.   This of course is not the case in all states.  According to a 

#WeCount Report April 2022 to December 2022 Released April 11, 2023 states that:

“Notably, while the overall number of abortions decreased, abortions provided by virtual clinic telehealth providers increased from 3,610 in April 2022 (4% of all abortions), before the decision, to 8,540 in December (11% of all abortions). This change represents an increase of 137% in the number of abortions provided from virtual-only services, comparing April and December 2022 (Table 4).

Telehealth abortions provided by virtual clinics have increased every month since April 2022 and by December, represent 9% of all abortions across the post Dobbs 6 months, indicating that a greater percentage of US abortions are taking place by way of virtual-only clinics than before the Dobbs decision.”

On December 13, 2023, the US Supreme Court approved a review of the ruling that would dramatically restrict but not eliminate access to a drug used for “at home” abortions.   These abortions as noted above are quickly taking over the surgical abortions.   The ruling will probably take place sometime this summer during the presidential campaigns.   

Still there is the question of constitutional personhood which some say would stop all abortions in the United States.  Then again who will have the courage to fight for the rights of the unborn? 




Pray for the unborn                              





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