Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn Meeting – July 15, 2023

On Saturday, July 15 The San Antonio Family Association sponsored a gathering of interested citizens of the Bulverde and Spring Branch communities.  The meeting, held at the St. Joseph Catholic Church Honey Creek was to inform on how to work towards becoming a Sanctuary City for the Unborn.  Michael Knuffke, president of SAFA, was the moderator.  The basic purpose of a Sanctuary City for the unborn is to legally ban all abortions within the city limits.  There are presently 67 Sanctuary cities and three Counties, most of which are in Texas. Incorporated Cities (

Knuffke mentioned the fact that it has been a year since the work to turn Bulverde into a Sanctuary City for the Unborn started.  The first meeting was held at Grace Fellowship Church on July 8, 2022.  Bulverde Council member Yvonne Chapmen was instrumental in enlisting pastor’s support from the community.  Bulverde resident Knuffke is hopeful that the communities will rally around this initiative to finally bring it to fruition.   

Knuffke introduced Mark Lee Dickson, the founder of the Sanctuary Cities initiative. Dickson, a Texan with a huge heart for the unborn, explained that his first Sanctuary City was Waskom, Texas with a population of only 2,189 and a spirit that did not want to be known for having an abortion facility.  He knew he had to have help so he called his state senator, Bryon Hughes and he introduced him to Jonathan Mitchell, a very knowledgeable and experienced attorney.  Together they drafted 8 or 9 ordinances before agreeing on one that was suited for Waskom.  

Before attending the very important council meeting Dickson said, “I prayed for 45 minutes not remembering everything, but I asked the Lord, “What do I wear?”  It was simple, vans, blue jeans, blazer, button up shirt, backwards black cap and that’s what I wear.”  He related that at the council meeting that was to vote on the Sanctuary City ordinance, the room was filled with people ready for this ordinance.  The audience included representation from all the churches in the county.  The Waskom City Council voted unanimously to make it a Sanctuary City for the Unborn.  The residents and mayor were courageous to support such an initiative as they were the first in Texas and they didn’t know what lawsuits would be provoked.  The ACLU responded that this ordinance would make it impossible for an abortion facility to set up shop. 

Mark travels throughout Texas and also in other states advocating for Sanctuary Cities.  He firmly believes that people are basically prolife.  He mentioned that there are 20,000 cities in America and the majority are God fearing people and Prolife.  His speech was both impressive and inspiring.  The speaker’s knowledge of local, state, and federal laws was remarkable and necessary to write the ordinances and avoid lawsuits.  

When Roe v Wade was overturned on June 24, 2022 the US Attorney General, Merrick Garland, sent out a press release stating basically that, “The Justice Department will work tirelessly to protect and advance reproductive freedom.”  It is because of these statements by Garland that the movement had to take action.  After Roe v Wade was overturned the ordinances had to be rewritten to include abortion trafficking.   Dickson’s goal is to end Texas doctors from traveling to other states to kill the unborn.

Lilith Fund is one of several that are abortion assistance groups that fund travel for women to obtain abortions in other states.  These groups are aiding and abetting travel for residents to abort their unborn.  Mitchell County, Texas is a good example of prohibiting travel through their county to get an abortion in another state.  Abortion trafficking is being stopped by these ordinances because the highways used are within the city limits of the Sanctuary County.  Dickson explained that the ordnances cover some edicts that the state laws do not.      

Knuffke also introduced State Representative Carrie Isaac HD 73 who gave a quick account of the laws that were passed in the first session and the Property Tax relief package that passed in the Second Special Session.   

Parochial Vicar Father Abraham Pendlikatla gave the invocation and Deacon Mike Pawelek lent his support.  Also Bulverde City Council member Chapman who backs the initiative wholeheartedly was among those attending.   The St Joseph’s Respect for Life ministry champions for life, officers for the coming period, 2023-2024, Nita Kaminski and Margaret Juarez and past officers Joy Cole and Pam Gordon were there to support the initiative.  Sonja Harris will serve as Legislative Chair again and was also present. The SAFA is very appreciative and acknowledges all the hard work that has gone into working towards making the cities of Bulverde and Spring Branch Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn.  

As Prolife advocates, our mission to continue the work to stop abortion has just begun and it gets more and more difficult with the present federal administration.  We have to be creative in how we address this deadly atrocity and take our cities back.  Godly lawmakers have to be elected in order to turn the culture of death into a culture of LIFE in our local, state and federal elections.  America must be truly a “Nation under God.”   




Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn


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