The Problem Is Not Unions, The Problem Is Government

I heard a talk show host yesterday, saying things similar to what I've heard from others: that unions were once necessary against dangerous working conditions etc, but have now gone too far. The point needs to be loudly and consistently emphasized that I tried to make recently. I have NO problem with unions; with workers VOLUNTARILY joining to demand certain reward for their skill. The problem is not unions. The problem is GOVERNMENT; i.e. force, restricting peoples' liberties. Government coerces trade workers to join unions if they want to work, and coerces private individuals to contract union workers and pay union scale, if they want work done.

Liberals deride conservatives as hating government, thinking government can't do good things. But government can do good things like anyone else, if they effectively perform the task that the public hires them for, and can be fired if they don't. It's government bending the rules for unions that is the problem. And that's all that these governors are tring to modify or end. They are actually giving workers and taxpayers MORE freedom to choose, not "taking away" anyone's rights; the language that the public responds to in polls.


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