Through The Looking Glass

Wow, the world has turned upside-down.

1) Of course, though there has been an unconstitutional drip and even trickle for all of my life, weve never seen anything like the avalanche of offense to liberty and constitutional principle in this nations history.

Obamacare may show the overturn of The Constitution to be near complete. Commandeering the offering, purchase and administration of the medical care of all Americans? Really? Progressives are supposedly adamant about keeping government "out of our bedrooms." Maybe we can make more common cause with them with regard to the federal government, because with respect to our liberty, our bedrooms may be our only remaining domains of deference.

2) And just over a year ago, Michigan became a right-to-work state. MICHIGAN!! The state aligned organically with The United Auto Workers and other national unions for over 50 years. I was young in Michigan and this sounds like Alice In Wonderland.

3) As a Detroiter, I was across a river from Canada. Then and years after, Canada was disposed more leftward than The United States. While it still maintains the intransigent nationalized healthcare system (Thatcher could not undo it in Britain either), while we have sped leftward, Canada has elected a conservative Prime Minister. Listening to this speech by PM Stephen Harper to the Israeli Knesset after these other dramatic turnabouts, leaves me to wonder whether I will be buried with a jaw in a fixed state of droppage.

If you are able to listen to the following or even a shorter cut from the speech on YouTube, bear in mind that such a posture was once taken primarily by American leaders; even Democrats once upon a time. And today Canadas Prime Minister takes the lead in allying with Israel and its values while our president flinches from confronting Israels enemies. Man, we have gone through the looking glass.


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