Time To Say Goodbye??

Is it Smart for America to Support the Pro-Taliban Karzai Regime in Afghanistan?

Remember when America supported the Taliban in their fight against the Russian invasion? After a 10-year struggle and the loss of thousands of Afghan civilians, the Russians withdrew.

America entered Afghanistan to find Osama Bin Laden and eliminate the extremist Islamic organization, Al-Qaeda, who were responsible for the 9/11 attacks upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Before the mission was complete, President Bush changed course and we entered Iraq to get rid of Saddam Hussein who reportedly had Weapons of Mass Destruction. This information turned out to be false, but our military got rid of Hussein which Iran was happy to see. The political rules of engagement in both Iraq and Afghanistan have prevented our military from conducting a successful war against both.

Now, I am wondering why we continue to stay, fighting for a corrupt Afghan administration who is inviting the Taliban to become a part of the governing body? Announcing a set date for troop withdrawal encourages the Taliban to wait out our departure, kill as many Americans and NATO forces as possible in the meantime, and then regain political power through the Karzai regime. American lives are being wasted in Afghanistan if all that we plan to do is withdraw. Think of how families of our military must feel having their loved ones deployed into harm’s way when we have already announced a date to withdraw!

Under the Taliban, oppression of Afghan women, children and all those who oppose the Taliban will begin anew. Sharia Law will be rigidly enforced and any hope of freedom for the people will be forever lost.

There appears to be no end to Middle East wars. American troops are stretched thin with multiple deployments to the area and with Pakistan and other areas of conflict in the area now causing concern. Where and when do we draw the line and say enough is enough and bring our troops home?

Now we face another war in Korea. I hate to see more American boots on the ground there. Korea was the first no-win war for America and Vietnam was the second at a great loss of American lives. China and other countries need to step up and take care of Korea.

The Bush doctrine of spreading “democracy” around the world should be stopped. It is not up to us to force “democracy” upon nations that do not want it. If they do want it they have no idea what to do with it. Merely giving people the right to vote does not ensure the emergence of liberty. We cannot and should not be the policemen of the world!

There is no way we can prevent all of the third world nations from having nuclear weapons. It is in our interest to maintain advanced weapon superiority for America and then not hesitate to use it when it is necessary to do so.

It is time to stop supporting corrupt governments-- especially those who are handing power over to the enemy as part of their government in Afghanistan.

Time to say goodbye! Bring our troops home now!


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