Revolution Begins

The counter revolution has begun. In a discussion with a political associate, I made an observation that the election of 2012 will be won in 2011. Francis Piven Fox wrote in the Nation Magazine, “Local protests have to accumulate and spread — and become more disruptive — to create pressures on national politicians. An effective movement of the unemployed will have to look something like the strikes and riots that have spread across Greece.” The left has always used street theatre to make its case and this past week, the use of masses to intimidate Republicans in Wisconsin represents the opening salvo of the Democrats attempt to stop Republicans' attempt to shrink government stateside and on the federal level.

The Piven ideology over the years counted on overwhelming the system with welfare requests to quicken its collapse and her call for riots was as much a call of intimidation as anything. This is the moment and with the tide going the Republican way, the left has now moved into overdrive with the Obama’s “budget” which essentially stated, there will be no serious cuts and no decrease in government. This was a political statement in which Obama appears not to engage in cutting the budget and force the Republican to make the first move. Obama is not yet ready to deal but to begin the 2012 campaign.

In Wisconsin and Ohio, Republican governors are challenging public sector unions by reining in their power to bargain and reforming healthcare and pension and the public sector union is one of the biggest supporters of the left today. Public sector unions make up more than half of union membership today. Private sector unions are not immune to the up and downs of the economy, but public sector unions are not only immune to the economy, but are a powerful voice for bigger government since this means more union members and more dues. Public sector unions gained the ability to bargain and organize and thus, are able to shut down government if they don’t get their way. Wisconsin is the test case for the left and public sector unions as the goal is to shut down the government and force the Republicans to surrender. It is thuggery and one step away from the riots called by leftist thinker Piven.

But it goes beyond the union workers since Organizing for America, a Barack Obama organization, is working with the Public sector union and as Powerline blogger John Hinderaker noted, “What the Democrats don’t like isn’t dictatorship, it is democracy. That is why the Democrats in the Wisconsin Senate fled the state en masse–they prevented a quorum, so that a vote they were going to lose couldn’t take place. Once again, it is democracy they are trying to frustrate, not dictatorship….One could make the point more broadly about the organized labor movement. The unions’ top priority is to eliminate the secret ballot in union certification elections. Why?”

This past week, teachers called in sick forcing massive school cancellations. The question is will the Wisconsin shut down government services by refusing to work? While the question in Washington DC, would the Republicans risk shutting down the federal government, the reality is that public sector unions are prepared to shut down government on a state level. In Ohio, leftist protestors are protesting John Kasich’s efforts to reform union bargaining rights and protests are gathering against Mitch Daniels' unemployment reforms. New York unions are spending millions to fight reforms from a Democratic governor.

For the past year, I have made the point that victory in 2012 begins in 2011 and we are witnessing the opening salvo of what will be one of the most contentious in our history. The American voters will be exposed to lies and misrepresentation like never before, for the left now realizes that we are serious about restricting the power of government. Their ability to pass health care and financial reform facilitated a government takeover of our health care as well as growing government to size never before recorded in our history. They are within one more Democratic administration of turning America into a European style social democracy. We are becoming less like America and more like Greece with every passing day.

The left also knows that if Walker succeeds in Wisconsin, this could mean the unraveling of their own plans and they will fight, literally, fight for their gains. The time is now to win 2012 and battles are being conducted on a majority of fronts. With four key governor elections and a special election in California's 36th district to replace the retiring Jane Harmon along with special ballot issues, there will be many opportunities for both sides to sharpen their message for 2012.

If the Republicans are forced to retreat, they will lose in 2012. The Democratic goal is to overthrow the 2010 election, and we are witnessing a battle between democracy vs. mob rule.


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