SBOE Member Charlie Garza

Watch this riveting story of District 1 State Board of Education (SBOE) Member Charlie Garza, who came from extraordinarily difficult beginnings that most of us have never even imagined, to become a Member of the Texas State Board of Education, a board described by the Wall Street Journal as one of the most powerful influences on Education in the nation.

Unless Gov. Rick Perry intervenes, Charlie is in danger of being redistricted out of office due to some misguided and perhaps misinformed legislators. However, this video clip is not about politics. It is about another spectacular chapter in our Great American Story.

I had the distinct honor of serving with Charlie Garza on the Texas State GOP Convention platform committee in 2010. Even better, we both had asked to serve on the education subcommittee. While we had never met, and he had not yet even considered running for the SBOE, it was clear Charlie was exceptional and an inspiration in many ways. This video helps you understand his roots and life. Charlie is genuine. Charlie is real. Charlie served in our military (Navy, including submarines). Charlie has genuinely creative ideas (proven in his second career as a professional educator) for positively reforming public education.

I am very blessed to know Charlie and count him as a friend. What a great American success story! Thanks for your service to the country in numerous ways over your lifetime!


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