Governor Rick Perry on Border Security and Backdoor Amnesty

Rick Perry is a Governor who cares for national security, a safe community and better education for Texans. In spite of working to inhibit the actions of the federal government, he has worked to give Texas an economic environment that provides jobs. He points out that besides the fact that the federal Government does not answer our request to secure the borders, the federal government also has a spending problem! 

I cheered for our Governor while he was being interviewed by Neil Cavuto on “Your World with Cavuto.” 

Cavuto began his interview saying that there is a new memo circulating through the White House outlining a plan on how the White House can offer amnesty to illegals without congress getting involved at all! During the interview, the Governor also shared the letter he gave to the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, requesting 1,000 additional border troops that she denied. Our Governor made it clear that if we do not get the border secure, all attempts of an immigration reform will mean absolutely nothing! Unless we secure our borders first we will be unable to find solutions for the problem of illegal immigration.

The Governor explained that he recently handed a letter directly to the President to request more troops on the border. This letter reminded Governor Perry of his prior request made 20 months ago. He still has not heard back from the President.

Texans, our President does not answer our Governor’s request because he does not care about our national security. Texas has 64% of the border and only 20% of the troops. If the federal government does not do its job, we cannot begin to work on a very needed, realistic, sensible solution to the immigration problem.

Cavuto also discussed the Latino vote and mentioned that Latinos have said that Perry is not favored among them. This is not true. In fact, Perry has become more popular with Latinos! This is because the Governor truly cares for Latinos and truly is concerned about the needs of all Texans. Perry reminded the viewers that Latino citizens in the State of Texas are no different than anybody else. They want good jobs, safe communities and better educational opportunities.  

I am one of those Latinos who sees the Governor quite often at many events, and I know the man. He is intelligent, responsive to ALL Texans, and has a great integrity in what he does and says. I am a witness that Texans want him to continue being our Governor and Latinos love Rick Perry! On November the 2nd Vote Rick Perry for Governor!

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We, Latino Republicans love Rick Perry!  I do agree that it is the Federal Government duty to secure our borders.  America is the best country on earth, and accordingly, it is NOT easy to obtain citizenship.  Many Latinos who have gone through the legal procedures and endless years of waiting feel blessed to finally be granted the privilege of becoming american citizens.  We appreciate this amazing country and certainly do not take it for granted.  Many of us came to this country leaving behind socialist governments and corruption.  That is why, we fall in love with America, the land where people can succeed through their own efforts.  The land that still holds up the Christian values which makes us a unique nation.  American citizenship is a blessing from God!  I surely hope that it is not cheapen by giving it to people just to get votes in the next election.  And to top it off, to keep going with their socialist agenda!

Anywhere you born is a blessing from God. America is for everyone as long you loves America. Even you stinky morron is welcome here. Or, You can pack your bag for the moon. As far as we concern.Many white people killed native American for this country. Those white people they'are not christian for Jesus OK. The lives of the Natives and the Blacks Americans are not cheap either. What election? 2+4more years for Mr. Prez Obama.
Amnesty now, amnesty tomorrow,amnesty forever. E.R.

Look Anonymous if you came here illegally you need to go back to your country of origin and get in line. What gives you the nerve to think you are better than the other people that got in line and went through the proper channels to become citizens of our great country. You illegals need to get your sorry fannies on a bus and go back home. You're breaking the law and stealing jobs from American citizens. I'm sick and tired of all you illegals sucking the life out of our country.

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