Immigration Riots and Border Burdens

First off, I never expected the reactions I would receive concerning my article on SB 1070. I want to thank everyone that commented on the article whether their comments were positive or not. Listening to both parts of any debate is vital to coming to a reasonable solution for a problem. Rioting and name-calling isn’t going to get anything done.

As I said, listening to both parts of a debate is vital to finding a solution. Unfortunately, I feel that neither side of the debate over SB 1070 has been listening to the other. Riots such as the one below are never going to solve anything.

Riots like the one above were the reason I was afraid to leave my dorm room to walk to work in downtown Phoenix the week SB 1070 was passed. I would hope that neither the supporters or detractors of the bill would wish for the violent riots against SB 1070. Violent acts against the law such as the cop that was shot in Arizona last month are uncalled for regardless of whether the law is constitutional or not.

The main reason I saw SB 1070 as beneficial was because I hoped it would send a message to Washington that the immigration problem needs federal attention. Not only are illegal immigrants costing border towns a large amount of money, but now their rioting, as well as the rioting of those that support them remaining in the country despite being here illegally, is resulting in vandalism and the injuries and deaths of our law enforcement officials.

The main complaint I have heard about becoming a citizen was that it is expensive. Right now, aside from attorney and other legal fees, the citizenship application form costs under $700. While $700 is a lot of money, immigrants need to realize that those who are US citizens have to pay taxes. Yes, it’s expensive, but so is being an American.

If you want the benefits of being an American, you need to pitch in just like everyone else.

I’m not a lawmaker; I’m just a student with good intentions. I urge those who are lawmakers to come up with a workable solution to the immigration problem.

Border towns can no longer take the unfair economic burden of illegal immigrants nor the violent riots and crimes that accompany drug cartels and human trafficking. Yes, people need jobs, but America needs to take care of her own people before the rest of the world.

For information on the current process to obtain US citizenship, click here.



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I think its quite ignorant of you to think that $700 is all it costs to become a US citizen. If that were the case, I'm almost positive EVERY illegal immigrant would become a citizen. My family applied for citizenship through my grandmother in 1997, and guess what....we are STILL waiting. I had to pay 50,000 out of my pocket to pay for my college education, and now can't do anything with it. Trust me when I say I would pay 50,000 to get my citizenship, as I'm sure many others would.

Don't blame the US immigration laws. Blame the ones who brought you here illegally.


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