Is ISIS A National Security Threat to the United States?

Today the terrorist army of ISIS is stronger than ever. It maims, rapes, pillages, burns, and beheads in its zeal to commit religious genocide against anyone who disagrees with them.

ISIS controls and manipulates the minds of thousands of foreign fighters, including those who come from the United States. This is done arrogantly through American social media companies.

The U.S.' answer to the ISIS threat ? Well, let's see what it is 

Part of the current U.S. strategy is to train foreign mercenaries to fight against ISIS.  It has had a yearlong American budget of about $500 million.

The program is to equally fund equipment and to train these so-called moderates from Syria to fight ISIS. I call them mercenaries.

However, the Secretary of Defense of the United States --Carter--admitted that, even after this 1 year of training, the United States has only trained 60--six, zero--of these moderate Syrian rebels.

If I do my math correctly, we are spending about $4 million apiece on these 60 fighters to go and fight, supposedly, ISIS.

This is embarrassingly pathetic. The greatest nation that has ever existed sees ISIS as such a threat that we are going to send 60 folks over to try to take care of them.

Ironically, there are more Americans who are fighting with ISIS than we have rebels who have been trained to fight against ISIS.

The United States obviously is not taking ISIS seriously. ISIS even mocks the United States and its 60 fighters on, once again, American social media.

There is more.

The President has recently admitted that the United States really doesn't even have a complete strategy against ISIS. Now, isn't that lovely?

The question is: Is ISIS a national security threat to the United States? That is the question. That is the question that has to be answered by the administration and by Congress, and a decision needs tobe made by the administration.

It is time for the administration to pick a horse and ride it. If ISIS is a threat, then we must have a plan to defeat them, then actively implement the plan, and defeat ISIS.

The Commander in Chief needs to lead. He needs to command or ISIS will continue its reign of terror in the Middle East and in other parts of the world.

And that is just the way it is.


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