Israel and the U.S. Must Face Common Threats Together

Israel has always been surrounded by threats. Since it was established, Israel has survived Arab armies waiting at its borders to destroy the Jewish state. It has persisted in the face of suicide bombers and terrorist onslaughts like no other country in history.

Recently the threats to Israel have increased and become even more dangerous. Iran’s Supreme Leader has stated clearly that he wants to destroy Israel. Thanks to the nuclear deal made by the administration, it is only a matter of time before the mullahs in Iran develop a nuclear weapon. The Iran deal will go down in history as one of the administration’s worst foreign policy mistakes. This Neville Chamberlain deal ensured that Iran gets to keep enriching uranium. It does not have to dismantle any of its nuclear infrastructure.

So, in 10 years, Tehran just has to flip a switch to get a nuclear bomb, and Israel is the first target. Tehran wants to put the entire Middle East under its thumb. Iran continues to defy U.N. security resolutions on ballistic missiles. Since the nuclear deal was signed, Iran has conducted three ballistic missile tests.

Some of the previously launched missiles were even marked in Hebrew with the words ‘‘Israel must be wiped off the Earth.’’ There is more. Iran has announced that it would give $7,000 to families of Palestinians who murder Israelis and an additional $30,000 to every family whose home Israel demolished due to the family’s involvement in terrorism.

The Iranian mullahs have hate and murder in their souls, and they want to eliminate Israel. The fact that the administration gave a $100 billion signing bonus in sanctions relief to a regime that consorts with North Korea and sends terrorist proxies to do its bidding is a really bad foreign policy. There is more. Iran has sent Hezbollah to go after Israelis around the world.

Hezbollah now has an estimated 150,000 rockets and missiles in its stockpile. That is enough to rain down thousands of rockets a day on Israel for months. In fact, Iran has transferred new game-changing advanced weapons to the terrorist group Hezbollah. This includes antiship cruise missiles, air defense systems, and precision-guided surface-to-surface missiles. Then there is Hamas in the south. In Gaza, Israeli officials now believe that Hamas has completely replenished all of its rocket supply that Israel destroyed 2 years ago.

Hamas is building a sophisticated network of tunnels under the Gaza Strip for the purpose of securing arms and supplies. This tunnel network has only one purpose: to strike at the heart of the Israeli population centers. More. Since September, Palestinian lone-wolf terrorists have carried out hundreds of vicious attacks against Israeli citizens.

These terrorists will do anything to kill. They ram vehicles into civilians, shoot indiscriminately, and stab anybody in the way. Immediately following the first attack, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas proclaimed: ‘‘We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem. This is pure blood, blood on its way to Allah.’’ This latest wave of attacks has killed 34 people and injured 400. Among those killed were two Americans, and one of them was a citizen of Texas, Taylor Force.

These terrorists are only happy when they have destroyed Israeli and American families wherever they find them. ISIS, which is even more brutal than al Qaeda, controls large parts of Syria. These terrorists no doubt view Israel as a threat and will likely turn to attacking the Jewish state in due time.

Those who threaten Israel threaten the United States. The same terrorist groups that want to destroy Israel want to destroy the United States. The same Iran that calls Israel the ‘‘Little Satan’’ calls the United States the "Great Satan." Israel is a bright star, the lone star of liberty, freedom, and democracy in the Middle East.

The villains that want Israel destroyed are picking a fight with the wrong folks. They will lose that fight because Israel and the United States will work together, no matter who the enemy is, for liberty, justice, and freedom not only for Israel, but for the United States.

And that is just the way it is.


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