Objecting To United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334

The recent stunt at the United Nations targeting Israel is the latest effort by this administration to cement a legacy of foreign policy that has failed, especially with our trusted ally Israel. It has been U.S. policy to veto any U.N. resolution dictating parameters on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The reason is simple. True peace can only be achieved at the negotiating table between the Palestinians and the Israelis, not at the United Nations.

The one-sided, anti-Israeli resolution will only make peace harder. The U.N. adopted 20 anti-Israeli resolutions last year, while passing just 4 for the rest of the world.

The U.N. is not fair and unbiased. While pointing the finger solely at Israel, the recent resolution did nothing to point out the Palestinians’ lack of progress towards peace.

The Palestinian Authority has failed to stop violence against Jews. It continues to—get this, make payments to jailed Palestinian terrorists who have harmed or killed Jews.

Over the years, Israel has traded land for promised peace. They have no peace.

And soon, if the United Nations gets its way, they will have no land. Despite the administration’s policy of abandoning our trusted ally Israel, the United States Congress must stand with our ally Israel.

And that is just the way it is. 


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