The Far Left's Oppostion To The Second Amendment Has Gone Too Far ... Again

As we all know, the Far Left often resorts to extreme measures to support their idea that all guns, especially handguns, are bad.

The Far Left may have set a new low in trying to make their point. In a recent video message, these Far Left activists directly encourage school children to steal a (presumably loaded) firearm from their parents' bedroom and take that same gun to school and place it on a teacher's desk.

With barely thinking about how outlandish this attempt at a "Public Service Message" is, I can readily think of three questions I would like to ask the director and producers of this message.

1. How many different laws did this video encourage the kids to break? 

 1.a. Sub question - How many laws were broken when this video was made?

2. Do feelings that "[you] don't feel safe with a gun in [your] house" absolve you of the multiple felonies that you just committed?

3. How much more danger are you encouraging to be created if other kids who watch the video actually follow the example of the kid in the video by taking a gun to school?

There are many more questions to be asked here. And I sure hope that none of my tax dollars went to support this message.


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