Sen. Cornyn: Another Day, Another Unelected Czar

Today, I issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s announcement that he will appoint Elizabeth Warren to be an Assistant to the President and Special Advisor to the Secretary of Treasury on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, circumventing the Senate confirmation process:

Another day, another unelected czar is added to the Obama Administration. The President’s reliance on unelected czars to implement his radical agenda skirts the very checks and balances our nation was founded upon, and directly contradicts President Obama’s pledge to be the most transparent Administration in history. What is transparent is that making Elizabeth Warren his "consumer czar" is an obvious political favor to special interest groups – like labor unions and liberal grassroots organizations – meant to invigorate them 50 days before an election.


I have been a Republican all of my life and I am ashamed of the number of  RINOs that have abandoned the conservative principles and the number of sore losers that are opposing Republicans in the tea party movement.  Our government and many of our elected officials have become tyrants no less than King George and it is time we demanded that elected officials represent and serve the people rather than pretend they are superior.   RINOs let government spending, illegal immigration, and Fannie Mae's redistribution of wealth get out of hand long before the Democrat's 2006 Congressional victories.  RINOs make us look like only a slower, stumbling and less certain progressive party when there should be a clear contrast between us and the Democrats.  How dare Lisa Murkowski run against the winner of the Republican primary.  How dare the National Republican Party declare that they will not support tea party Republican primary winners like O'Donnell when they defeat those selected by the Republican elite RINOs.  Are the Republican leaders ignoring the will of the people just like the Obama administration?   No wonder we have similarly low popularity rating with voters.  Is there a nickel's difference between us and Democrats.  Are we going to be Reagan conservatives or are we going to be just slower and less certain progressives?

I am first a conservative and second a Republican. I will readily admit to not knowing anything about Elizabeth Warren's personal beliefs that are very relavent to whether she be labeled a liberal, moderate, etc. I do know that I have listened to her on several news shows over the last year or so, and find her to be full of common sense and to be very refreshing when it comes to the financial condition of our Nation. Though I may disagree with the process President Obama has taken to appoint her to head a new CFPB, I do not disagree with the need nor Elizabeth Warren as the head. I absolutely agree we need less government intervention and regulation, but that does not mean we need no government intervention and regulation. Conservative grassroots Republicans might do well to really consider what a CFPB would do for us and who Eizabeth Warren is before "throwing the baby out with the bath water". 

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