In the past few days I note again the relative preoccupation of readers, which I assume in some respect reflects at least conservatives at large in our society. A Congressman discussing restoration of a proper respect of the 10th Amendment? Little interest. But any mention of immigration, which actually has little bearing on The Constitution or conservatism generally, will draw tens of…well it would be kind to call them observations. Now something important is posted like a discussion and mention of the problems of Keynesian economics that has defined the disposition of Western governments for almost 80 years and has eventuated in economic calamity for Europe and America that is only beginning with Greece, and there is no comment. I WAS RECENTLY PASSED A VERY CURT ILLUSTRATION IN A BRIEF DISCUSSION OF Western finances, which I hope gets posted. But, just as in the empty-headed media, there is great clamor over whether there is anything to be prosecuted in the question of whether Congressman Joe Sestak was illegally offered a "position" to drop out of a Democratic campaign: we’re all over that.

In the first place, I seriously doubt there will be anything to deal with there. It’s a little like that "gambling in Casa Blanca?" question. And sure, I can doubt that time was wasted offering Sestak a spot on an unpaid advisory board to drop out of a Senate race. But, nothing can be proven. Are you all so young that you don’t remember that the last Democrat president repeatedly lied before a federal grand jury IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE NATION, and skated by? Please people, GET REAL!!! I also agree with Debra that Obama’s statement that a statement was forthcoming, the substance of which he failed to indicate, doesn’t make sense if it was no big deal (getting the stories straight?). And, I agree with Terri that it could be a distraction (that’s working). As Glenn Beck says, "Watch the other hand!"

But, this administration has massacred the liberty of the principles of The Declaration of Independence and the freedom and privacy guarantees of The Constitution like none other in history, though The Constitution is prominently displayed in at least one room of the capitol:

Much was made of how gangster Al Capone was convicted on a charge of tax evasion. Chasing after Obama like bloodhounds on this Sestak issue is more like trying to run down Capone for a parking violation! People, including government representatives, are still playing political checkers while America and the whole world ARE ON FIRE!


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