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Mandatory E-verify, and Arizona style bills, will do nothing to secure the border. They will create unfunded mandates for law enforcement and they will drive undocumented workers away from tax-paying employers and deeper into the underground economy.

Texas Republicans must balance the budget, protect the unborn and adopt Photo Voter ID. At the same time, we must grow our party to win in 2012!

Please listen to the video below:

When Republicans stick to their conservative principles, we win. Its just that simple. Our conservative principles attract Hispanics to the Republican Party because they support these values. Republicans value life, liberty, family, and a moral foundation as self evident truths as blessings bestowed upon us by God. We also welcome everyone willing to work hard for a better life. These are our shared values.

We cannot turn our back on immigrants and their families with anti-immigration rhetoric and legislation. If we do so, then were not just sending the wrong message to the Hispanic community, but were also denying our own conservative values and beliefs. Governor Perry struck it exactly right: We have to be tough on border security and violent crime, but we should not let that lead us to demonize immigrants.


When you speak of immigrants do you mean illegal immigrants?  I wonder why people don't make a distinction between the two.  There is a difference you know.  This is quite confusing.  Is anyone making anti-immigrant rhetoric?  Or demonizing immigrants?  I think most people celebrate those immigrants who come here legally and become U.S. Citizens.  Surely you don't classify illegal people, people who break the law to come into this country, the same as our good legal immigrants.

How soon we all forget that America was made of immigrants,illegal coming out on ships such as the Mayflower. They weren't legal, what's the difference? We have all contributed in one way or another. These heartless human beings called Republicans are just like Hitler, wanting to wipe out latinos off the map of America!!! Let them do as they may, but their time in the legislature will expire, we the latino voters have had enough. We will rise up in 2012 and kick their pompass asses out of office!!!!

Your webpage states “Create a pathway to "legal status" for our illegal immigrant workforce (those with no violent criminal record).”  Legal “status” is not the same as being a citizen.  I point this out because having a large number of “legal” workers in our country reinforces a second class population. 

Imagine walking into a restaurant and spotting 3 or 4 Hispanic people sitting together; especially, if they’re wearing blue jeans.  It would not be impractical for a citizen to ask themselves, “I wonder if they’re legal?”.  It’s likely that a group with blonde hair and blue eyes would never be looked upon in this manner.  If you’re Hispanic, this may not feel too good.  What's next?  Maybe real US citizens wouldn’t have to wait as long for a table, but how do you tell who’s legal and who’s not?

Your website also states, “Develop a viable and efficient visa work program that allows for a timely and reasonable flow of immigrant workers to meet future employment needs”.  Ninety years ago business owners thought the same thing.  The following is from the Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the US: Sociology, Vol 3.

"Economic needs were always important and dictated the adoption of new immigration policies and/or lack of enforcement of immigration policies.   Large-scale growers, railroad owners, chambers of commerce and business groups made a powerful case for their continuing need for Mexican labor, and therefore for unrestricted immigration.

As soon as Mexican labor was no longer needed, as during the Great Depression, the border was closed and thousands of Mexicans were repatriated.  In the 1950’s, when sentiments were high about the number of illegal workers, Operation Wetback returned unstable workers to Mexico."

So who is pushing a relaxed immigration policy today...Business owners.     

Maybe, just maybe there’s a chance that some Hispanic immigrants actually have an education.  Are all those Mexican immigrants moving to the Woodlands uneducated and poor? 

I noticed your video only portrayed Latinos as construction workers, farm labor, a cook, and a maid/nanny (holding an blue eyed Anglo child).  How nice.

You also encourage Hispanics to become Republicans.  Unfortunately Hispanic Republican candidates that compete against non-Hispanics in the Republican primaries (Harris county wide or State wide races) only have a 27% of advancing past the primaries.  

I can't support any program that promotes the creation of a second class citizen. 





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