The Climategate Scandal Continues

Journalist Don Surber relayed yet another climategate email from the East Anglia gang, demonstrating not just the weakness of the man-made climate change science but also reinforces what those who believe in Natural causing climate change have been saying for years. A leader in the man-made climate change, Phil Jones noted, “I have been looking at some long temperature records from Fennoscandia, particularly those put together during the IMPROVE project. This involved Anders Moberg in Stockholm and Hans Bergstrom in Uppsala. Summer temperatures for both these series which extend back to 1756 and about 1740 show warmer conditions than today during many summers from 1750 to 1850.” Translation for those who might miss the significance, Jones is admitting that there were times in the past that our weather pattern was warmer than today. Let me repeat, warmer than today. Don Surber noted, “Hmm. Doesn’t seem perplexing to me. It was warmer 250 years ago and yet somehow mankind survived.”

Over the past year, I have engaged in debates with believers in man-made climate change and the biggest thing over the past three years that has occurred was climategate or the release of emails showing the weakness of science and how much of what we are being told proved to be questionable science or simply wrong. The emails show, along with subsequent interviews by these same researchers, that even these scientists knew that their science was weak but it didn’t stop them from pushing their agenda or doing what they could to torpedo those who question their science. The reality is that when a group of scientists states that their science is questionable, then it must be questionable and yet the Kool-Aid drinkers continue to accept the theory that the climate change is strictly man-made and not even think that maybe, just maybe that natural events are significant factors today as they have proven to be in the past.

As mentioned in previous columns, most climatologists have to admit that climate has been both warmer and cooler in the past thousand years. The believers in Natural causes of climate changes have been more right, leaving the question, why are we still listening or for that matter even funding many of these believers in man-made climate change research, who have been more wrong than right?

Steven Hayward of American Enterprise Institute noted the result of a recent study in Nature, “This is merely the latest in a series of recent climate modeling studies that conclude that the standard 'consensus' forecast of the amount of warming to be expected by a doubling of carbon dioxide has been dramatically overestimated. Which is just about par for the course with most environmental scares. As more studies like this dribble out from the scientific community, eventually we’ll reach the proverbial 'tipping point' beloved of so many climate alarmists—only it won’t tip the way they think.” The study that Hayward referenced was a study done by the Canadian version of the EPA and concluded that much of the changes in climate has been exaggerated and again, closer to what most in the Natural causing climate changes camp have predicated.

As I have mentioned in previous columns, the complete faith in man-made climate change has paralyzed our energy policy as we continue to fund non-economic feasible green energy solutions while strengthening crony capitalism in the energy field. The recent Keystone Pipeline is an example of this process. The real reason the Obama Administration refuses to allow the Keystone pipeline is due to Obama’s environmentalist allies hating the use of oil whether it is from Saudi Arabia or Canada. On top of this, it turns out that Warren Buffet personally profits as his investment in train transportation of North Dakota oil increases since it eliminates Keystone competition.

The Keystone pipeline is one of those no-brainer in which we collect our energy from our Northern neighbors as opposed to countries less friendly, like Venezuela. Then when you add the ready-made shovel jobs associated with the project, you would think that this would be easy decision for any President. Except if you are believer that the world is going to end due to man-made caused climate change, then it is no longer a no-brainer, or if you are wealthy benefactor of the Obama campaign, then is a matter of making money from crony capitalism in the energy field. Bottom line, Don Surber and Steven Hayward's pieces on the latest research merely reinforces that there is much to learn about climate change, and yes, nature plays a significant role in perpetuating climate change. The only question is how much of role nature plays in climate change and exactly how nature causes climate change. Meanwhile environmentalist extremists along with crony capitalists have hijacked our energy policy!


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