More Comments On Republican Stupidity/The McClellan Republicans by Hugh Hewitt

I was emailed this article about the timidity of Republicans in rolling after what they were elected to do. Of course they don’t control the Senate and the Presidency. But, they should make their pursuit of necessity clear and let Democrats be responsible for blocking it. By the way, a poll was released today and purported to say that the public didn’t think Republicans were any more serious about debt-reduction than Democrats. Anyway, my response follows the link.

The McClellan Republicans By Hugh Hewitt

Still at this stage, most Republican office-holders are old enough to have been roundly beaten by an adversarial media, so that rule #1 is not to provoke the media. Consequently, Republican politicians have approached their work with the disabling condition of a knotted sphincter.

I think time is slowly bringing us beyond that, with the profusion of media outlets. However, it is none too soon, as we are fast running out of time to be wasted, and we may not recover before great calamity. Around the world, years of imprudent allocation of resources is catching up with societies. Last year’s violence and vandalism in Europe revealed a people who have been disjoined from and are utterly unable to reconcile themselves with the reality that has been forced on their leaders.

America used to run a couple of decades behind Europe in the development of a socialized system (forget about definitions of “socialism” as state-ownership of the organs of commerce. Just consider how much of it government controls or leverages). But Obama and Democrats prevailed an avalanche of catch-up on American society, which found Obama in his merry socialist march, disconcerted by the sight of what were supposed to be his model European governments, fleeing brutal reality in the other direction.

Newt Gingrich has themed presentations in the past few years with simple truth of “1+1=2.” But for American liberals, there is no such reality. That genius Michael Moore has explicitly stated that society “is not really broke.” What he means is that there is money out there. It’s just in the hands of a wealthy minority that has stolen it from the rest of us. If the rich having stolen their wealth from poorer people doesn’t make sense to you, congratulations. Your mind has yet to be drowned in the nonsense of socialist thinking. Leftists can’t understand that people WITH some money, CREATE more wealth, providing work and income for the public. And if you take away the incentive to do that, they will take their money elsewhere. Your society will not create more wealth, the least will suffer first and the society will ultimately fail.

Sure, it may seem simple to YOU, but busy cosseted American leftist minds toil over drinks and treats at places like Manhattan journal conferences and Greenwich Village cafes, never having to dirty their hands with un-obliging reality. Unfortunately, their naiveté threatens to take down timid Republicans and an inattentive public with them.


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