Weston Martinez on Voter Fraud Part 2

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We all agree that it’s time that dead people in San Antonio and elsewhere in Texas stop voting. Weston Martinez has become synonymous with stomping out Voter Fraud in San Antonio. I spoke to Weston on March 3, 2013 in order to get an update on the Voter Fraud bill that I knew he was working on. He told me that SB554 has been a collaborative effort among grassroots activists and conservative leaders in San Antonio. Michael Berlanga is one of the former candidates that is also working with him.

Weston Martinez at the Texas State Convention

Senator Donna Campbell sponsored SB554 and presented the bill to the SREC meeting on March 2 and spoke on the importance of this bill for Texas in protecting the sovereignty of our vote. Weston said that Senator Campbell “has shown great leadership and has not wavered in adversity as a politician would.”

Weston told me that Skipper Wallace, Chairman of the Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association, has agreed to add this bill as a priority to the agenda of the 83rd Legislative session. He commented that, “Wallace will be supported by the Republican County Chairs across the state of Texas and that he was personally very excited that this bill is being filed. He further noted that voter fraud is rampant throughout our state.”

It is important that the community as a whole becomes involved in eradicating voter fraud. The local media has done an excellent job in performing unbiased investigative reporting on this issue. Reporter Brian Collister’s story in November, Voter fraud allegations persist in Bexar balloting, helped to uncover fraudulent votes. You can help by contacting your state representative and ask that he/she support the Voter Fraud Bill SB554. If you personally know of any voter fraud in San Antonio or in Texas, contact Weston Martinez at [email protected] This bill is a perfect example of citizens like Weston who take the time to investigate and to involve the grassroots to action.


NOTES ON THE BILL FROM WESTON MARTINEZ (E) [the property stolen is an official ballot or official carrier envelope for an election; [(F)] the value of the property stolen is less

(5) a felony of the third degree if the value of the property stolen is $20,000 or more but less than $100,000, or the property is:

(C) an official ballot or official carrier envelope for an election; (6) a felony of the second degree if: (A) the value of the property stolen is $100,000 or more but less than $200,000; or (B) the value of the property stolen is less than $200,000 and the property stolen is an automated teller machine or the contents or components of an automated teller machine; or (7) a felony of the first degree if the value of the property stolen is $200,000 or more.

READ TEXT OF BILL: http://legiscan.com/TX/text/SB554/2013

Status of SB554: http://legiscan.com/TX/bill/SB554

Voter Fraud Allegations Persist in Bexar Balloting http://www.woai.com/content/blogs/briancollister/story/Voter-fraud-allegations-persist-in-Bexar-balloting/kK1ewkr4cEKibY3xF6QLPw.cspx

Is Ballot Mystery Voter Fraud?

Complaint filed: Absentee ballots sent to San Antonio cemetery http://www.kvue.com/news/state/Complaint-filed-Absentee-ballots-sent-to-San-Antonio-cemetery-177471861.html

San Antonio Business Journal



Conservatives In Actions SPEAK OUT ON VOTER FRAUD
Tks for all u do! I'm convinced it happened in my d Precinct too. The staff was 80% black in a demographic area with less than 20% black!!! MD

Let’s be clear. Neither the Republican Party nor the Democrat party on a state or national level will do anything even when presented evidence (hard copy, witness testimony, and complaint) of fraud. I know this to be an absolute fact from past elections. One state rep had an entire page of “voters” from a precinct that apparently had more voters than residents, and the election officer present did not have a signature on that page… (This was 2 election cycles ago) K and MD



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