Texas Union Helps Man Get Job Back as a Cop after He’s Suspended for Killing Unarmed White Man over Racial Slur

Update: Orange, Texas City Council Votes Against Union. City doesn't want to be Forced to Rehire former Police Officer, and Killer, Robert Arnold


This kind of story is exactly why I do not like unions. This is also the kind of story that gives all good law enforcement officers a bad name. We do not even have “official unions” in Texas and yet they still have so much control. We are a right to work state and yet the Orange, TX Police Department is being told by a thug union and an arbitrator that they cannot fire a violent killer.

I recently wrote an article about a black Orange, TX police officer, Captain Robert Arnold, who killed a white, unarmed war hero, James Whitehead, after Whitehead used a racial slur against the officer in plain clothes. Arnold has also had previous acts of uncontrolled aggression like punching a teenage girl in the face and breaking his fellow officer’s leg with a metal pipe. He was rightfully indefinitely suspended from the Orange Police Department.

So what does Arnold do?

Arnold gets his union lawyer, Greg Cagle from the Texas Municipal Police Association, and they try to force the police department to rehire the killer.

Well this union seems to have been successful in getting an arbitrator to rule in this killer’s favor. Get this, an arbitrator ruled that this killer did not get enough “due process” when he was suspended and therefore he should be reinstated and given back pay. What due process? You killed someone and have anger issues. The only due process you should get is a memo telling you to pack your bags and leave.

That’s right. This is yet another example of unions standing up to protect the bad guy from getting fired.

I remember when I used to work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice there was a “union” that would try to get us to sign up. This union sent the union president to my initial training class to give us the pitch about joining the union. I was disgusted when their main reason for joining their union was that the union could keep you from getting in trouble when you did something wrong. This union president bragged about getting an officer his job back after the officer had been caught running a prostitution ring in a Texas Prison. I was not bashful so I stood up and asked him why in the world they think it is a good thing that they helped a corrupt officer keep his job?

But you see that is the problem. Unions are not about doing what is right. Unions are about raising money to spend on political issues and they are about having a team of people who will bully a place of employment around and keep bad employees from getting fired. Unions had a good purpose once upon a time, but those times are long gone and now the unions are used for personal and political gain.

They have even possibly just gotten a killer his badge back with the Orange, Texas Police Department.

God help the next person that this killer gets mad at on the street and God help the next employer who gets bullied by these thug unions.


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