Conservative Leaders Speak Out Regarding Misleading Political Attack Mailers in HD-102 Race

The following is a press release from Sylvia Guzman, Founder of Amigos de Patriots, as well as the many conservative leaders listed below:

Dallas, Texas — This past Thursday, February 27th, a political mailer from one of the four (4) candidates for State Representative for Texas House District 102, Linda Koop, was delivered to thousands of voters in District 102 that was disturbing on multiple levels. On one side of this mail piece was a picture of a margarita machine with a sombrero on top with maracas and a margarita glass lying in front. The words “We don’t need a margarita machine in our State Legislative Office” accompanied the picture. At first glance, whether intended or not, a reasonable person could easily interpret this as an insinuation that “we don’t need a Hispanic in our state legislative office.”

It is also worth noting that one of other four candidates, Adryana Boyne, actually is a Hispanic Republican woman. The other side of mailer goes on to show a list of examples of Stefani Carter’s diminished respect and honor for the office and also shows fiscal disregard of the public trust for her constituents. Although the facts about Rep. Stefani Carter may be true, one might well surmise the majority-minority families of this district, who have met Mrs. Boyne, would infer this political mailer to be a subtle attack against Mrs. Boyne.

It is an understatement to say that this type of double meaning does nothing to help the concerted efforts of numerous Hispanic individuals and organizations focused on strengthening the conservative movement amongst Hispanics. As stated, Texas House District 102 is a majority-minority district, and Hispanic voters are the fastest growing population in our state.

This fact has been lost in Linda Koop's campaign. This particular State Representative District 102 race holds critical implications for the future of Texas politics within the Republican Party. If the Republican Party is to remain viable for the long-term, it must reach out in a thoughtful and thoroughly considered manner to minority voters. It must share conservative values of hard work, strong families, and pro-life with minority voters. Republicans must stop being tone deaf and think before they act. The future of the party depends upon it.

With Battleground Texas spending millions to turn Texas and District 102 from Red to Blue, we certainly don’t need Republican candidates aiding and abetting the Democrats' efforts. Continuing with this type of harmful rhetoric provides yet more fodder for the left to deflect and dissuade Hispanic voters. We must win Hispanic voters over to conservative Republican causes. Taking into consideration that District 102 is a majority-minority district with many Hispanic and other minority homeowners, one could say Texas is to be considered a majority-minority state soon..... if not already.

Sylvia Guzman, Founder of Amigos de Patriots*
Francisco "Quico"Canseco, Former US Congressman and Candidate for US Congress in TX District 23
Judge David Medina, Former TX Supreme Court Justice
Major General Al Zapanta, President and Chief Executive Officer of the United States- Mexico Chamber of Commerce
Victor G. Carrillo, Former Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission
Dianne Costa, Former Mayor of Highland Village and Candidate for US Congress in TX District 25
Aaron Pena, Former State Representative in Texas, House District 40 Ann Hettinger, Public Policy Director, Center for Preservation of American Ideals* (CPAI)
Cindy Brinker Simmons- Principal Levenson and Brinker Public Relations
Dr. Solomon Kimuyu, A Baptist Minister Constituent District 102 SSG Shilo Harris, (US Army, retired) Conservative speaker, author and businessman
Ivan Andarza, Attorney and Former National Committee Men of the Latino National Coalition of Texas*
Greg Jackson- Businessman CEO Acceleron Learning
Jim and Donna Frame-District 102
Bob Weir- Author
Manuel “Manny” Rosales, Chairman of the Latino National Republican Coalition and Former Deputy Coalitions Director of the Republican National Committee*
Duke Machado, Director of GOP is For Me* (Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas)
Silvio Canto Jr., Author and Radio Host Francisco Gonzalez, Business Owner
Jonathan Gaspard - Business owner, Chair Young Republicans of Texas Tarrant County Lila Farmer, Coordinator of International Ministries- District 102
John Mihalopoulos, Businessman President of Hellenic cultural society, Constituent of House District 102 Gail Spurlock, IT Consultant, Constituent of House District 102
Brian Spurlock, U. S. Navy Veteran, Constituent of House District 102 Randy Meyer- Engineer - Constituent 102
Helen Meyer- Therapist- Constituent 102
Sonja Harris, Founder Conservatives in Action, Photographer and Journalist

The back of Linda Koop's mailer:


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