Johnson County Democrat Party Chair Arrested on Gun Charge and Public Intoxication

Johnson County CourthousePerhaps Democrats are right about guns getting into the wrong hands. In Cleburne, Texas (Johnson County), the "wrong hands" would include an intoxicated Democrat County Chairman.  It seems attorney Bill Conover was arrested Monday MORNING for being drunk and carrying a gun while attempting to enter the county courthouse.

This incident violates two sections of Texas' Concealed Carry laws. First, it is against the law to attempt to carry a concealed firearm into any courthouse.  Second, it is against the law to carry a concealed firearm while intoxicated.

In a statement from the Johnson County Democrat Party, party secretary LuAnne Leonard wrote: 

"Today was an unfortunate mistake, coupled with poor judgment. The gun was located in a book that was in his attache case. He forgot the gun was there and inadvertently took it into the courthouse."

Yeah, I guess being drunk early in the morning will do that do you. Leonard also said she was not aware whether Conover has a Texas Concealed Carry Permit. Since he was not charged with illegally concealing a firearm, I will conclude for now that he does, but will confirm with the Johnson County Sheriff's office tomorrow.

Conover has resigned as Johnson County Democrat Party Chairman since his release from jail on Monday.

It will be very difficult for Conover to plead ignorance of the law being he is an attorney and a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas.

This was probably a very sad day for Conover.  But at least he has the dignity to do the right thing and resign his position as county party chair. Perhaps a lesson that could be learned by some of his fellow Democrats like New York Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. Both of these fine individuals are pressing forward in their positions despite outrageous scandals.

I wish Mr. Conover well as he deals with this issue.  But one thing is certain.  Mr. Conover will no longer be bringing the "party" to the Johnson County Democrat Party.


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