Sen. Harry Reid's Camp Attempts To Rescue Wendy Davis

The Democratic gubernatorial candidacy of Texas State Senator Wendy Davis has demonstrated a consistent stream of campaign mistakes and has reportedly led national Democrats to dispatch a former aide to Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV). Zac Petkanas, is expected to take command of Davis’ media operation, according to an article in the Dallas Morning News.

The Davis campaign has seen a series of missteps in the first quarter of 2014. From scandals about the accuracy of her life story, to her alienating the media by giving the Texas Tribune exclusive coverage of a fund raising event, to her flip-flopping antics on abortion and gun rights, Davis’ campaign has revealed the need for an overhaul of the communications department.

According the Dallas News, Petkanas is a well-seasoned Democratic operative who most recently helped steer the Party’s efforts during President Barrack Obama’s re-election campaign. He is also largely credited as helping out Democrat candidates’ efforts to take multiple seats in Nevada.

Separate from national fundraising efforts, the campaign’s operational divisions have caused observers to question the campaign’s core effectiveness in areas like get-out-the-vote capabilities. As reported by Breitbart Texas, the campaign failed to win in a financially unopposed race in seven of the fourteen Texas border counties. These counties have long been a stronghold for Texas Democrats.

Article and image originally posted on Breitbart.


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