Thoughts on Andrew Breitbart

The conservative movement lost one of its leading resources, Andrew Breitbart. was a voice that led the way for others to follow, providing an important antidote for the mainstream media as he covered stories that others would not and forced media to cover many of his stories.

Breitbart comprehended the media was changing and the internet had changed the way the news was produced and covered and and Big Hollywood challenged the left orthodoxy, and his success was based on what Breitbart learned from Drudge. Sites like Media Matters and Huffington Post affected the mainstream media as they pushed the stories that NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC would cover, and Breitbart set up the counter to the Huffington Post. (Andrew helped Arianna Huffington set up her site so he knew the intricacies of how the left manufactured and controlled the news cycle. In a way, he was able to short circuit much of the left’s talking points.)

Breitbart had fun for he was the happy warrior, a man willing to go in the heart of the left’s domain, like MSNBC, and debate the issues; but the man was not a hater for his political opponents were not his enemies but just opponents you have an argument with and then go for a beer with afterwards. The one thing that Breitbart did was to remind conservatives that culture matters and his site Big Hollywood talked about the culture and arts in a serious way - not just the negative the but positive about Hollywood. Andrew Breitbart, RIP.


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he will be remembered as the asshole he was.

A general of the conservative cause has been lost. We can honor him best by trying to be as brave as he was. To challenge false statements and to seek and show truth. We should not let our sadness deter the our spirit from speaking out just as Andrew did. He provided an example that we should all follow.

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